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Top 9 Gift Cards for Remote Workers

Trying to keep your workforce motivated can be exhausting, especially if they are remote workers. I’ve been there and wouldn’t wish any employer to find themselves in such a scenario. Yes, that’s why I’ll reveal to you the best gift cards for remote employees in this article. You can use the gift cards to reward […]

Top 7 Most Popular German Gift Cards

Last holiday season, my buddy was stressing about what gift card to get his girlfriend studying abroad in Germany. He wanted to send her something useful but also thoughtful from back home. After purchasing one, he realized he had no idea which gift cards in Germany would actually appeal to her tastes. After doing some […]

Top 9 Most Popular Types Of Gift Cards In Spain_

Have you ever been stuck on what to gift a friend or family member who lives in Spain? I know that struggle all too well. Last Christmas, I was panicking trying to find the perfect present for my cousin since she had just moved to Barcelona. In a moment of desperation, I decided to check […]

The act of gifting cannot be overemphasised. The joy derived from getting your loved one something they need or want is unmatched. This is usually around the time you hear phrases like “You’re the best”, “I love you,” or “Thank you so much.”¬† However, there has been a recent debate on which method of gifting […]

Top 9 Gift Cards Your Boyfriend Will Love

Ladies, be honest – how many times have you struggled to buy gifts for your boyfriend or fiance? I know those singlets and mugs seemed like a good idea. But as much as he pretended to like that custom singlet, deep down, we know…it’s time to switch it up! This year, get your man something […]

What is the difference between a Visa Gift Card and a Visa Debit Card

Buying gifts as a broke teenager often meant I had to get creative. I usually turned to swiping money from my dad’s wallet when funds got low. One day, I spotted an untouched Visa gift card tucked away in his wallet. Jackpot! In my mind. It was as good as cash that I could use […]

featured image of razer gold gift card

As humans, one of our greatest assets in this world is the liberty to choose and have preferences. Without it, we would all be subject to buying and doing the same things. Phew! What a gloomy and colourless world that would have been. The razer gold gift card is arguably one of the best gaming […]

What Are The Major Differences Between Cash and Gift Cards?

The saying gift cards are just like money would most likely not be new to you. There are tons of similarities between the two, and sometimes it becomes a little challenging to decide the one which is best for you, especially regarding a particular operation or activity. What is Cash? Cash needs little to no […]

The use of gift cards in Africa is growing rapidly, which is expected since this is a continent that is already embracing the concept of mobile money. That said, alternative payment methods like gift cards surely offer greater advantages for this generation of Africans. Cardtonic is a B2C and B2B product that bridges the gap between individuals that need cash in exchange for an unused gift card and businesses that need discounted gift cards as payment alternatives.

Founded in 2019, Cardtonic continues to serve as the man-in-the-middle while offering gift card brokerage services with a bright vision that vows to reduce the wastage of gift cards year in and year out. Simply put, Cardtonic is a gift card trading app that allows users to sell gift cards in Nigeria and sell gift cards in Ghana, and also buy gift cards at the best gift card rates and prices.

The B2C product is currently available on Android, IOS and Web for the average user. And the B2B offering is currently limited to selected partners, based on strict terms and subsequent to an adequate compliance exercise.

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