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How to Buy Games On Steam With a Steam Gift Card_ A Step-by-Step Guide

Getting a Steam gift card for your birthday or the holidays is so exciting – finally, you can get that game you’ve been dying to play! But the excitement fades when you scratch off the code and then realise you have no idea how to redeem it. I learned this struggle firsthand. Last year, my […]

Like most other online marketplaces, Steam allows users to purchase products online through finance apps and bank details. However, not every user prefers that method of purchase. Besides, some people even tend to look towards purchasing gift cards for their loved ones. Enter the Steam gift card. A code that can be bought and redeemed […]

The use of gift cards in Africa is growing rapidly, which is expected since this is a continent that is already embracing the concept of mobile money. That said, alternative payment methods like gift cards surely offer greater advantages for this generation of Africans. Cardtonic is a B2C and B2B product that bridges the gap between individuals that need cash in exchange for an unused gift card and businesses that need discounted gift cards as payment alternatives.

Founded in 2019, Cardtonic continues to serve as the man-in-the-middle while offering gift card brokerage services with a bright vision that vows to reduce the wastage of gift cards year in and year out. Simply put, Cardtonic is a gift card trading app that allows users to sell gift cards in Nigeria and sell gift cards in Ghana, and also buy gift cards at the best gift card rates and prices.

The B2C product is currently available on Android, IOS and Web for the average user. And the B2B offering is currently limited to selected partners, based on strict terms and subsequent to an adequate compliance exercise.

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