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Where To Buy The Asus Rog Ally In Nigeria At The Best Price

If you love hand-held gaming consoles, you would agree that the Windows-based ASUS ROG Ally ticks many boxes. Hence, most gamers will savour any opportunity to get a feel for and immerse themselves in this most coveted gaming experience. 

While purchasing a gaming console is great, getting it at the best price with quick delivery is the cherry on top. It is always important to consider your options and remember that you need adequate warranty and protection for your purchase.

That said, I will explore the different options for buying the ASUS Rog Ally handheld gaming device, emphasising platforms offering the best prices and fast delivery. Let’s begin!

About Asus Rog Ally

Asus Rog Ally is a handheld gaming PC manufactured by ASUS and released in 2023. If you’ve been gaming for a while, it’s similar to Valve’s Steam Deck and comes with a free three-month Xbox game pass ultimate. It boasts an ergonomic design and utilises the powerful AMD Zen 4 processor. Rog Ally runs the Windows 11 operating system with an impressive full HD 120 HZ high-refresh-rate display.

Two things make this device stand out: first, its access to any gaming library available on Windows, like Xbox and Steam, is a real gift. Second, its impressive display and powerful Zen 4-based AMD APU bring a superior PC gaming experience to a smaller handheld device.


Currently, Asus Rog Ally has two models: the Ryzen Z1 Extreme and the Ryzen Z1 processor. The former is superior due to its extra cores, threads, and computing units—let me not bore you with technical jargon. Although designed for handheld use, gamers can connect the device to a TV or monitor using a docking station.

3 Ways You Can Buy The ASUS ROG Ally In Nigeria

You can buy the ASUS ROG Ally both online and offline. For online, you have Cardtonic and e-commerce outlets like Jumia and Konga. For offline, you can find reputable electronics outlets scattered around Nigeria’s major cities.

1. Cardtonic

Nigeria’s iconic gift card vendor also sells a variety of high-quality gaming devices and electronics. Users can buy the latest gadgets from the app and have their items delivered as soon as possible.


They can select from existing models of ASUS Rog Ally. A warranty backs them, and users are protected from fake or unoriginal items. They also enjoy competitive pricing at the best rates.

2. E-commerce Platforms

Users can buy ASUS Rog Ally from Nigeria’s foremost online e-commerce platforms, such as Jumia and Konga. 

These stores are typically composed of several dealers selling under a single platform. They offer competitive pricing and enable quick deliveries of purchased items. 

Users enjoy some form of protection for defective or faulty items. However, checking the seller’s review before proceeding with the purchase is essential.

3. Local Resellers

Suppose you are a traditional buyer who loves physically inspecting the items before purchase. In that case, you can check designated physical retailers like SPAR, Westgate and SLOT, as indicated on the ASUS website. Check out the full list of ASUS retailers here

Typically, local Resellers are primarily in Lagos, followed by Abuja, Port Harcourt, Owerri, and Enugu, amongst others. Before completing your purchase, ensure the packets aren’t tampered with, and the items are as described.

How To Buy An ASUS Rog Ally On Cardtonic

Log into the Cardtonic app and tap Just Gadgets. Select Game Consoles and choose the desired ASUS Rog Ally gaming device.

Let us take it step-by-step:

1. Open the Cardtonic app on your device.

2. Click the Just Gadgets icon.

3. Select the Game Consoles category.

4. Choose the desired ASUS Rog Ally gaming device.

5. Click the Buy Now option to continue the purchase.

6. Be sure to enter your delivery information, including a mobile phone number.

7. Verify the transaction summary page and review the terms. 

8. Key in your four-digit PIN to proceed.

Congratulations, your order is now complete. You will receive an order confirmation email from Cardtonic, and your package will be delivered shortly.

Why Buy Asus Rog Ally On Cardtonic

Choosing Cardtonic for your Asus ROG Ally purchase means you get more than just a great deal. Enjoy trusted transactions, unbeatable prices, a user-friendly interface, and a secure platform that ensures your purchase is smooth and worry-free.

1. Trust

Cardtonic is a trusted dealer of original gadgets and electronics, offering buyers protection and a warranty on every purchase. Customers are guaranteed authentic products straight from the manufacturer.

2. Best Prices And A Simplified Interface

As a premium distributor of gadgets, Cardtonic offers competitive pricing for its products at the current market rate, which is better than that of other platforms. Its user-friendly platform allows customers to browse items and shop seamlessly, saving them time and effort.

3. Secure Platform

Cardtonic employs several security procedures, such as encryption and 2-factor Authentication, to guarantee users’ safety. Its secure platform allows customers to shop easily without worrying about the safety of their personal information.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying The ASUS Rog Ally In Nigeria

1. What Is The Price Of Asus Rog Ally Products In Nigeria?

Prices depend on the model, prevailing market conditions, and retailers. You may have to check different retailers, such as Cardtonic, to find the current prices. 

2. Are Asus Rog Ally Products Available In Lagos, Kano, Ibadan, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Benin, And Maiduguri?

Generally, ASUS Rog Ally Products are available across major Nigerian cities, particularly Lagos and Abuja. You may need to confirm with your local dealer that they are available in your state.

3. What Are The Alternatives To Asus Rog Ally?

Alternatives to the ASUS Rog Ally handheld PC gaming console include Valve Steam Deck, Lenovo Legion Go, Razer Edge Wi-Fi, Logitech G Cloud and AyaNeo 2. Each has its unique features, functionality and capabilities

4. Does Asus Rog Ally Come With A Warranty In Nigeria?

Like every other electronics manufacturer, ASUS offers a warranty on most of its Products. You must inquire from the retailer about the length and coverage of the warranty.

5. Where Can I Buy Asus Rog Products Online At The Lowest Price In Nigeria?

To find the lowest prices for Asus Rog Products, you must check across different online stores like Cardtonic to confirm the current rates. Remember that prices are always subject to changes depending on several factors.


ASUS ROG ALLY is a top drawer for any gamer, offering an unparalleled and unique gaming experience. From physical locations in the major Nigerian cities to reputable online platforms like Cardtonic that afford you the best price and quick delivery, there is no lack of options if you want to stock up on ASUS ROG ALLY,

In this piece, I explored where you can buy the ASUS ROG Ally in Nigeria, its description, and FAQ. By now, you should be convinced of the best place to start your journey into ROG Ally to enjoy an immersive experience. 


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