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How To Buy Steam Deck In Nigeria

What is Steam Deck?

The Steam Deck is a new portable and flexible gaming device created by Valve, which can be used to play all games on Steam, PC windows games, and other operating systems. 

This console was first introduced to the public on the 25th of February 2022 and can either be played handheld or connected to a monitor for bigger viewing. It has the benefits of portable/on-the-go gaming and wide-screen gaming just like the Nintendo switch. This is an x86-64-v3 device. 

The steam deck was not Valves’ first hardware device. Back in 2015, they released the Steam machine which ran on SteamOS. Sadly this device was not available to the market for too long. It was removed from circulation in April 2018. With new modifications and upgrades, the Steam deck promises to do much better than its predecessor. 

Is it Possible to Have a Steam Deck in Nigeria?

Of course! the simple answer is yes. There are tons of people who own and use the steam deck in Nigeria and you can be one of them. 

How Can I Buy a Steam Deck in Nigeria?

There is still a lot of controversy and uncertainty surrounding purchasing this device in/ from Nigeria. This is because Steam Deck does not directly deliver and ship their devices to the country. However, if you are a lover of Steam and wish to purchase this console, instead of sitting around and waiting for when they would commence delivering directly to Nigeria, there are certain places you can buy the Steam Deck from. 

Most gamers have this notion that they have very limited options when it comes to purchasing this console. And you probably might only be able to get it when you travel abroad. Which is not necessarily true. Thanks to this article, you can see how to buy a steam deck even without owning an international passport. 

Where To Buy Steam Deck In Nigeria 

1. Amazon: Amazon is a multinational tech company that deals in cloud computing, online advertising, artificial intelligence, and most importantly e-commerce

This company is popularly referred to as “the everything store” Because you can buy almost every and anything from their retail stores or online. The steam deck is not excluded. You can also use your amazon gift card to offset the cost of your purchase on their website. It would excite you to know that Amazon delivers to Nigeria 

2. Facebook Marketplace: This is a new feature Facebook launched on their application which serves as a gateway to buy and sell items amongst their users. This is a very good place to buy the steam deck because all Facebook users are properly vetted by the app, they advise you against reported accounts and you can purchase either a brand-new or a slightly used version via this option. 

After seeing a particular console that you like and is within your budget, message the seller and ask if it’s still available and can be shipped to your address or if you prefer to pick it up from their location. 

3. Jumia: Jumia is more of a local and closer feel than the others. This is a successful African technology company that deals in eCommerce, logistics, and payment services. 

There are verified resellers who upload Steam decks on Jumia, so you have a shot at getting one from here. However, they sell out quickly, so you have to constantly keep an eye out.

Where To Buy Games on Steam Deck 

Now that you have your hands on your new Steam deck, you must be wondering how you can commence your gaming experience. Lucky for you, this device works exactly the way Steam works on PC. All you need to do is to log in to your steam account and start playing. 

If you want to purchase more games, head to the website to redeem your steam gift card and shop as you like. 

You do not need to miss out on anything simply because you live in Nigeria. 

What To Do With Unwanted Steam Gift Cards in Nigeria 

Alternatively, if you currently do have a need for this digital asset, there is no point in letting it rot away. Instead, you can sell your Steam gift card for cash on Cardtonic at very good rates. 

Thanks to Cardtonic, you would have more options and liberty to do things with cash than you would have had with your steam gift card. 


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