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7 Ways To Fund Your SportyBet Account In 2024

You must have heard about the SportyBet platform, which offers sports lovers and bettors numerous betting opportunities. But for you to begin your betting journey on the platform effectively, you must be able to fund your account. Do you know how to fund a SportyBet account in 2024?

Okay, I’m here now to help you out. In this piece, I’ll show you seven ways to fund your SportyBet account. You can use any of the methods to fund your account in just five minutes. Let’s get to business!

7 Ways To Deposit Money Into Your SportyBet Account

Depositing money into your SportyBet account has become easier than ever. Thanks to the numerous available deposit options like Cardtonic, ATM deposit, Bank Transfer, Quickteller, Sporty bank account, card, and Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code.

1. Cardtonic

When it comes to using online payment platforms to deposit money into your SportyBet account, there are numerous platforms, and Cardtonic is one of them.


For obvious reasons, Cardtonic has become the preferred choice of bettors. The platform is secure and quite simple to use. And of course, your deposit will reflect instantly.

2. ATM Deposit 

Another way to deposit money into your SportyBet account is to make use of an ATM machine. All you have to do is insert your debit card into the machine, navigate to the bill payment section to fund your account. 

The disadvantage of this method is the inconvenience of locating an ATM machine just because you want to fund your SportyBet account. Let’s not even talk about the long queue at the ATM centers. 

3. Bank Transfer 

Another method of funding your SportyBet account is through bank transfer. Once you select this method from the deposit section on your SportyBet account, you’ll be provided a temporary bank account to transfer money to within thirty minutes.

If you are unable to make the transfer within the stipulated time, you’ll have to start all over again. 

4. Quickteller

Using the Quickteller platform is another option of depositing money into your SportyBet account. Select the Quickteller option from the deposit section on your SportyBet profile and follow the prompts.

It is not advisable to adopt this method in funding your account if you are not conversant with using the Quickteller platform. 

5. Sporty Bank Account 

You can deposit money into your SportyBet account by simply making a transfer to your SportyBet bank account. The SportyBet bank account is simply an account created strictly for your SportyBet account in partnership with commercial banks.

Any money credited to your SportyBet bank account will be deposited in your SportyBet account. This method of depositing money into a SportyBet account is not straightforward. 

6. Card

Do you want to use your debit or credit card to fund your SportyBet account? Of course, you can. Click on the deposit tab on your SportyBet profile, and select the card option. Fill in the necessary information and confirm the transaction. 


The downside to this method is that you might get debited without the funds reflecting in your SportyBet account. Such scenarios are common. 

7. USSD Code 

You can also fund your SportyBet account by simply dialing a USSD code. Navigate to the deposit section on your SportyBet account to get the code to dial. 

This method isn’t recommended because of possible network issues. Your deposit might also take a longer time to reflect.

Step-by-Step Guide On How To Fund Your SportyBet Account

Funding a SportyBet account is something anyone can easily do. All you have to do is create an account on Cardtonic, navigate to the “Bill Payment” section, click on the “Betting Funding” tab, and follow the prompts. 

1. Download the Cardtonic app and create an account. 

2. Click on the “Bill Payment” tab on the homepage.

3. Click on the “Betting Funding” tab. 

4. Select “SportyBet.”

5. Enter the amount and your SportyBet ID.

6. Click on “Purchase.”

7. Go through the “Bill Summary” and continue with the purchase. 

8. Enter your transaction PIN to confirm the purchase.

That’s it. You have successfully funded your SportyBet account. That is simply how to deposit money on SportyBet using Cardtonic. 

Why You Should Fund Your SportyBet Account With Cardtonic

If you are wondering why you should fund your SportyBet account with Cardtonic, stress no more. The platform’s reliability, easy-to-use interface, and security are a few things that place Cardtonic ahead of its competitors. 

1. Fast and Reliable 

The first and foremost reason why Cardtonic should be your choice when it comes to funding a SportyBet account is simple—the platform is reliable. What’s more interesting?

Funding your SportyBet account with Cardtonic is instant. You don’t have to wait forever for your deposit to reflect on your SportyBet account. 

2. Easy-to-use 

Trust me when I say nobody needs special knowledge to use the Cardtonic platform. As long as you can surf the internet, you can use the platform.

If you are looking for a platform that will not stress you out before you can fund your SportyBet account, Cardtonic is your best bet. It’s no wonder the platform’s popularity keeps growing by the day. 

3. Secure

One thing you will never have a reason to worry about while using Cardtonic is security. Transactions on the platform are totally secured. Go ahead and fund your SportyBet account with peace of mind. You’re in a safe zone. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Funding SportyBet Accounts

1. What Are The Payment Methods for SportyBet?

The payment methods for SportyBet include cards, bank transfers, and online payment platforms like Cardtonic. You can choose the method that is best for you. 

2. Why Can’t I Deposit Money Into My SportyBet Account?

One of the reasons you can’t deposit money into your SportyBet account might be network issues. Or perhaps your account has been suspended. It is important to contact SportyBet customer support to know exactly what the problem is. 

3. How Much Can I Deposit in SportyBet?

You can deposit from N100 to N9,999,999 in your SportyBet account in Nigeria. In Ghana, the deposit amount ranges from GHS 1 to GHS 20,000.

4. How Do I Fund My Bet9ja Account?

To fund your Bet9ja account, navigate to the bill payment section on your Cardtonic app and follow the prompts. 

5. Can I Transfer Money From My Sportybet Account to Another Sportybet Account?

Yes, you can transfer money from your SportyBet account to another. All you have to do is click on the “transfer to friend” tab in the withdrawal section to begin. 

6. What Other Bills Can I Pay On Cardtonic?

You can conveniently pay your electricity bills, internet bills, Cable TV bills and more on Cardtonic. 


I believe by now you can see that there are different ways to fund a SportyBet account. Basically, anyone who can find their way around on the internet can do just that. To fund a SportyBet account in 2024, creating an account on Cardtonic is the first thing to do.

Always remember that Cardtonic remains the best platform for funding your SportyBet account, Bet9ja, Nairabet, and BangBet accounts, among others. 

Funding your SportyBet account with Cardtonic is a choice of reliability, simplicity, and security. And I believe everyone will go for such an option. Enjoy!


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