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7 Most Versatile Gift Cards To Get In South Korea

South Korea has always fascinated me — from their captivating K-dramas to the delicious food, it’s a country I’d love to experience firsthand someday. And with my cousin currently studying abroad there, I finally have the perfect excuse to visit Seoul!

But, of course, I can’t show up empty-handed. Finding the right gift for my cousin has had me researching popular retailers and gift card options in South Korea. Turns out, big chains like Costco, KakaoTalk, Nike, Starbucks, Netflix, Steam, and my personal favourite, Dunkin’ Donuts, offer some of the most versatile and failproof gift cards for both locals and visitors alike.

So if you’re looking to gift your loved ones in South Korea a gift card, you can’t go wrong picking one of these gift cards. And if you need more details on why these gift cards make the best options for friends and family in South Korea, then read on!

7 Most Popular Gift Cards In South Korea

From the wholesale bulk supplier to the trendiest messaging app, the top gift cards in South Korea include Costco, KakaoTalk, Nike, Starbucks, Netflix, Steam, and Dunkin Donuts gift cards.

1. Costco Gift Card

Costco Gift Cards

Costco may seem like an unlikely gift card choice. But in South Korea, bulk shopping is all the rage – trust me, those enormous packages of snacks will go quickly!  Costco is massively popular for grocery runs thanks to competitive pricing on family-sized goods. Their gift cards make for practical presents that anyone from college kids to busy parents would appreciate. 

Just picture this: your gift card recipient excitedly stocking up on jumbo bundles of their favourite snacks and household items. Pretty good gift ROI if you ask me!

2. KakaoTalk Gift Card

KakaoTalk is truly integrated into everyday life in South Korea. The messaging app offers cute emoticons and gaming options alongside communication features. Plus, you can use KakaoPay to send funds as gifts or split bills quickly. 

The customisable gift cards allow you to set specific amounts for purchase power at convenience stores, travel tickets, events, and more. It’s a nice way to let your recipient splurge on something fun!

3. Nike Gift Card

Nike card

South Korea has a booming streetwear and fitness culture, so a Nike gift card is a crowd-pleaser for teens and young adults. The gift card balance can be used to splurge on trendy kicks or workout gear on Nike’s website, app or in stores around Korea. 

So whether the recipient needs new running shoes or an outfit for the gym, a Nike gift card provides versatile shopping options.

4. Starbucks Gift Card

Starbuck card

Starbucks holds an interesting spot in South Korean café culture. It’s seen as an aspirational hangout spot for teens and young adults to grab an upscale cup of coffee. My cousin actually mentioned how she and her new college friends often hit up Starbucks while working on group projects together.

She said she loves catching up with the girls over Frappuccinos when they want to take a quick study break. So I know she’d be over the moon if I surprise her with a Starbucks gift card she can use to host her study buddy meet-ups!

5. Netflix Gift Card

Netflix Gift card

Netflix gift card is golden for those addicted to watching Korean Netflix hits. From Netflix Originals like Squid Game to licensed shows like Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, there’s no shortage of streaming content to watch. 

Gift your loved ones a Netflix gift card, allowing them to enjoy their favourite K-dramas repeatedly, all thanks to your thoughtful present!

6. Steam Gift Card

Steam gift card

For the PC gamers out there, Steam gift cards are a perfect digital solution. Steam has a massive game marketplace with popular Korean titles like MapleStory or Lost Ark, plus the hugely social Steam friends network. 

You can send your loved ones a Steam gift card so they can stock up during the next big sale! With so many amazing indie games out there, too, the options to explore genres are endless.

7. Dunkin Donuts Gift Card

Dunkin Donuts card

Okay, maybe this one’s partly a selfish choice for me! But who doesn’t love Dunkin, even in South Korea? Their signature doughnuts, coffee and breakfast bites make for an always-welcomed treat. 

Dunkin’ is hugely popular with Korean students and young workers looking to fuel up on the go. Treat your gift card recipient to a little taste of home with the Dunkin treats we both know and love!

Frequently Asked Questions About Gift Cards In South Korea

1. Is The Google Play Gift Card Available In Korea?

Yes, Google Play gift cards can be used by Android users in South Korea to purchase apps, games, music, movies and more from the Google Play store. It’s a handy digital gift card option.

2. Where Can I Buy Gift Cards In South Korea? 

You can purchase gift cards from popular chains like Starbucks or Nike at most department stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, and the retailers’ official stores across South Korea. For online-only services like Steam, you can buy the gift card on the company’s website.

3. Can I Purchase South Korea Gift Cards Online?

Yes, you can purchase South Korean gift cards online through various methods. Many popular brands offer eGift cards directly through their websites. You can simply visit their websites and buy gift cards online. Also, there are reputable gift card platforms like Cardtonic, where you can find affordable South Korean gift cards.

4. How Can I Convert My South Korean Gift Card To Cash?

Unfortunately, once you purchase a South Korean gift card or eGift card, you have very limited options for converting any leftover balance to cash. However, some gift card platforms like Cardtonic allow you to sell your gift card for cash.

5. Is The iTunes Gift Card Available In Korea?  

iTunes gift cards for the South Korean store can only be purchased within the country. The gift card value can then be used towards Apple services like App Store purchases, Apple Music streaming plans, or iCloud storage upgrades. It’s a nice digital gift if your recipient is an avid iPhone user!


The wide variety of gift cards available from popular domestic and international brands makes gift-giving easy in South Korea. No matter if your recipient is a bulk shopping mom, gamer guy or K-drama streaming fan, there’s a perfect gift card match waiting to surprise and delight them.

I’m confident that armed with this list of the top 7 most versatile South Korean gift card options, you’ll impress everyone on your gift list – especially that lucky cousin of mine about to receive a Starbucks and Dunkin’ gift card care package! So what are you waiting for? Start shopping for the ultimate gift cards to show your South Korea-based loved ones you care.


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