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Five Benefits Of Virtual Dollar Cards For Freelancers And International Businesses

It is no longer news that virtual dollar cards have come to stay. Virtual dollar cards are fast replacing the traditional cards we all know. All thanks to the numerous benefits that come with its usage. Do you know the benefits of dollar cards for freelancers and international businesses?

Okay, let’s begin with what a virtual dollar card actually means. A virtual dollar card is simply our conventional card in digital form. With a virtual card, you can do whatever you do with your traditional physical cards.

Perhaps you are asking, —Why a virtual card? In this piece, I’ll expose the benefits of virtual dollar cards for everyone, especially freelancers and international business owners. 

5 Reasons Why Virtual Dollar Cards Are Perfect For Freelancers And International Businesses

 The reasons why virtual dollar cards are perfect for freelancers and international businesses are not mysteries. The benefits include security, access to international markets, handiness, cost-effectiveness, and improved accountability.

1. Virtual cards are more secure to use:

One of the benefits of virtual dollar cards for freelancers and international businesses is security. With the virtual dollar card, no one can steal your card to commit fraud. Your card number will not be exposed either.

Before you contemplate not getting a virtual dollar card, think of the security it will offer you. The virtual dollar card is a safe haven compared to conventional cards. Get yourself a virtual dollar card for secure online payments. 

2. Virtual dollar cards give you access to international markets:

The world has obviously changed – people now sit in the comfort of their homes to buy whatever they want from e-commerce brands online. For you to effectively and effortlessly do this across borders, you need a virtual dollar card that has little to no restrictions compared to traditional cards.

Let’s put it this way: as an international business owner, the virtual dollar card is your passport to the world of international markets. It’s a must-have tool that allows you to navigate the global marketplace seamlessly.

Similarly, freelancers have no reason to worry about accepting international gigs when they have a virtual dollar card. They can spend the money earned from their global clients to shop on foreign websites where their local cards aren’t accepted.

3. Virtual dollar cards can easily be accessed:

Another reason why virtual dollar cards are perfect for freelancers and international businesses is accessibility. As far as you are with your smartphone, you have your card with you. The same cannot be said of the traditional physical cards.

Do you need to urgently order goods online? You can do that perfectly with your smartphone anywhere you are. With the virtual dollar card, there is no “I forgot my card at home” moment. 

4. Virtual dollar cards are cost-effective:

We can’t talk about the benefits of virtual dollar cards for freelancers and international businesses without mentioning cost-effectiveness. 

You won’t pay exorbitant fees when using virtual dollar cards as compared to traditional cards. What more can an international business owner ask for?

5. Virtual dollar cards increase accountability:

One of the benefits of virtual dollar cards that we cannot overlook is the improved accountability that comes with their usage. With the virtual dollar card, you can easily track your expenses as a freelancer. 

As for international businesses, they can create virtual dollar cards for each of their departments for proper monitoring and accountability. 

Where To Get A Virtual Dollar Card In Nigeria And Ghana

There are numerous platforms where you can get your virtual dollar card in Nigeria and Ghana today. One such platform is Cardtonic. Cardtonic, which is an authority in the gift card market, now offers virtual dollar card services. 

The virtual dollar card offered by Cardtonic has become popular among freelancers and international business owners for the benefits that come with its usage. 


If you are considering getting a virtual dollar card, then you should go for the one offered by the Cardtonic platform. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later on. 

Step-by-Step Guide On How To Create Your Virtual USD Card On Cardtonic

Creating your virtual dollar card on Cardtonic is no different from eating a piece of cake. What is required of you is to register an account on the Cardtonic platform, click on the virtual dollar card tab on the homepage, and follow the prompts. 

1. Download the Cardtonic app and register an account. 

2. Click on the “Virtual Dollar Card” tab on the homepage. 

3. Click on “Continue.”

4. Choose the card type. For instance, Mastercard or Visa. 

5. Provide your details, such as your house number and address. 

6. Click on “Create Virtual Card.”

That’s all. If you’ve followed the process correctly, congratulations! You now have a virtual dollar card. For further details on creating a Virtual dollar card on Cardtonic, feel free to watch the video below:

Why You Should Get Your Virtual Dollar Card from Cardtonic

The reasons why you should get your virtual dollar card from Cardtonic include seamless transactions, top-notch security, and low fees. 

What is a Virtual dollar card

1. Seamless transactions

If you want to carry out seamless transactions, whether it is online payments or a subscription to your favorite games and applications, a Cardtonic virtual dollar card is the answer.

As we all know, many things are already hard in life, and paying for goods on an e-commerce platform shouldn’t be one of them. This is what the Cardtonic virtual dollar card offers.

2. Top-notch security

If there’s any virtual dollar card you can use with your two eyes closed, it is the Cardtonic card. Whatever corner of the internet you’re using the card, you are maximally protected. 

Hurry up to get your virtual dollar card from Cardtonic, unless you don’t want to make online payments without worrying about security.

3. Low fees

The fees associated with using some virtual dollar cards will empty your account. People do not need to pay through their noses to use a virtual dollar card. This is what the Cardtonic card is out to end.

With the Cardtonic virtual dollar card, you will enjoy low-to-no fees on your online payments and purchases. There’s absolutely no hidden charge that comes with the use of the card.

Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Dollar Cards

1. What Is The Advantage Of Using A Virtual Card?

The advantages of using a virtual card include security, accountability, and convenience, among other benefits.

2. Can I Use A Virtual Card For Online Payments?

Yes, you can use a virtual card for online payments. Whether it is shopping online or subscribing to your favourite games, a virtual dollar card is up to the task. 

3. How Can I Fund My Cardtonic Dollar Card?

You can fund your Cardtonic dollar account by navigating to the “Virtual Dollar Card” section on the homepage to begin. Proceed by clicking on the “Fund Card” tab and follow the prompts. 

4. How Much Does It Cost To Create A Cardtonic Virtual Dollar Card?

At present, the virtual dollar card on Cardtonic costs N2,445 to create. That’s less than $2 at today’s exchange rates. 

5. Is A Virtual Card Better Than A Physical Card?

Yes, virtual cards are better than physical cards for obvious reasons such as improved security and low usage fees.


I hope you have seen why you should have a virtual dollar card as a freelancer or international business owner. You should not miss out on the benefits of the virtual dollar card, such as handiness, security, and improved accountability. 

Always remember that Cardtonic is the best platform to create your virtual dollar card today, tomorrow, and beyond. The card offered by the platform has top-notch security and low usage fees compared to what you can get anywhere else.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to Cardtonic right away and create a virtual dollar card to take your business to the next level. Enjoy!


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