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Top 15 Virtual Dollar Card Providers In Nigeria In 2024

Making money is a big hassle, so why should payments? 

It’s no longer news that international platforms are restricted when paying with a Naira card; hence, you cannot access popular online platforms and work tools like Amazon, Spotify, Netflix, cloud storage, and X subscriptions.

Getting a physical dollar card is rigorous as you will need a domiciliary account, not to mention the hassle of buying forex to deposit into your account.

Well, virtual dollar cards are the optimal solution. They allow you to create a card from your payment app instantly, convert dollars from your local currency, and start making payments almost immediately.

In this piece, I will summarise some of the best virtual dollar card providers in Nigeria for international payments. Ultimately, you will have some insights into choosing the cards that best serve your needs.

15 Most Popular Virtual USD Card Providers In Nigeria

Listed below are Nigeria’s best virtual dollar card providers that enable you to make online payments for products and services:

  1. Cardtonic 
  2. Fundall 
  3. Eversend
  4. GeePay 
  5. Vesti
  6. Grey 
  7. Bitnob 
  8. Payday 
  9. Chipper Cash 
  10. Changera
  11. PSTNET
  12. Tribapay
  13.  Cardify 
  14.  Zole 
  15. ALAT by Wema

Let’s explore these virtual dollar cards to determine your best choice.

1. Cardtonic

Cardtonic, Nigeria’s premium gift card company, offers its users a virtual dollar card for online shopping and payment of services like Apple Music and Blue tick on X. Users can get a virtual USD card on Cardtonic for $1.5 creation fee, choosing between a Visa or MasterCard. 


Cardtonic stands out because its cards are accepted globally, and you can fund them with Naira in your Cardtonic wallet at the best conversion fees. 

You will need to complete a KYC procedure to get a virtual card. Once done, users enjoy an extra layer of security plus convenience and limited fees; you only get charged a $1.5 card creation fee but no maintenance charges.

2. Fundall

Fundall enables Nigerian users to access financial services on a single platform. Users can create multiple cards and enjoy zero charges when creating a virtual card for the first time and $2 for subsequent cards. 

However, they must fund the card with a minimum of $5. Fundall virtual cards deliver secure and easy payment for international transactions on several popular online platforms, such as Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay. 

3. Eversend

Eversend offers a transparent exchange rate without hidden fees, affording convenience and safety when sending funds across borders. 

It facilitates payments across Africa, the UK, and Europe at competitive rates. Users can create virtual dollar cards for free but need a $1 minimum top-up fee. 

The maintenance charge is $1. You can create as many virtual cards as you like and freeze or delete a card if you suspect it’s compromised. Users are charged a $0.35 fee on failed transactions due to insufficient funds.

4. GeePay

GeePay by Raenest enables fast global payments and lets you set up USD, GBP, and EUR virtual cards. Users can create invoices automatically and withdraw them to banks and mobile money accounts in more than 100 countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, and  Kenya. 

With GeePay’s virtual card, you can receive payments on popular platforms like Payoneer, Paypal, and any platform that accepts a US dollar bank account. 

To create a GeePay Virtual card, You will be charged a $3 issuance fee and need to activate/fund it with at least $2.

5. Vesti

Vesti offers secure online payments at affordable rates and savings on currency conversion. Transactions are fast, and the card is acceptable on over 100 platforms and websites accepting Visa cards. 

Users enjoy convenience, as the virtual card can be used anytime and anywhere. With the Vesti app, you can view and manage your transactions and even delete the card if it becomes compromised.

To create a Vesti virtual card, you will need the equivalent of $10 in your local currency wallet and complete KYC. The card allows a monthly spending cap of $10,000, which can be funded from your Naira wallet.

6. Grey

Grey Finance lets users receive and send global payments and shop at international stores. It supports multi-currency payments, including NGN, USD, GBP,  EUR, TZS, KES, and UGX. Users can exchange currencies at competitive rates and create and manage a virtual US, UK, or European bank account from their mobile device. 

There are zero card and account maintenance charges. When creating a Grey virtual dollar card, you will be charged a card creation fee of $4 and an additional $1, which will be credited to your account. 

The minimum amount to fund your card is $2, while the maximum is $2500 per transaction. You can top up your Naira account and convert it to USD to fund your card. You can also easily withdraw from the card at any time.

7. Bitnob

Bitnob offers payments (including Bitcoin) to over seven African countries, including NGN, Kenya, and Ghana. It integrated the Universal Money Address (UMA) standard, which utilises the Lightning Network to facilitate low-cost, efficient, and seamless payments like emailing. 

Bitnob’s virtual dollar card can be funded with a maximum of $10,000, with $1,000 for each top-up. 

You only need $1 to create a virtual card, and you are charged $1 for top-ups less than $100 and 1% for top-ups greater or equal to $100. Users can customise their virtual cards to reflect their personalities by changing colour, name, and description.

8. Payday

Payday employs innovative features to deliver a secure, reliable, and convenient way to make payments abroad. You can easily set up a Payday virtual card and fund it from your Payday wallet to enjoy cheaper exchange rates. Users can only create one Visa, MasterCard, or Verve virtual card per account. 

Payday limits spending to $3000 for Visa cards and $10,000 for Mastercards per month to protect user’s funds. 

However, you can have more than this limit on your virtual card. You are not charged maintenance fees, but the card creation fee is $5. The virtual MasterCard can be used to spend almost anywhere USD is accepted, including Apple, Amazon and Netflix

9. Chipper Cash

Chipper cash

With over a million virtual cards issued, Chipper Cash offers an easy way to send and receive money across Africa. It powers direct bank and mobile money payments to over 21 African countries. 

Through its 3D-secured USD virtual card, Chipper Cash enables online payments on your favourite international stores, including Netflix, Apple, Spotify, and Google.

Users get charged a $3 creation fee and $1 monthly maintenance charges. You will also be charged if your card transaction fails due to insufficient funds.

10. Changera

Changera from Bitmama offers a multi-currency wallet to help users seamlessly send and receive currencies in Naira, Euro, Cedis, and Pounds. Users can own a virtual bank account and pay and receive stablecoins in minutes. 

Users can fund their PayPal accounts from the Changera card and withdraw foreign funds in local currency at competitive rates. 

There is no minimum funding amount; Changera allows a maximum hold of $2500 and $10,000 monthly limits on its virtual dollar card. 


PSTNET delivers instant, convenient, and secure payments. Its virtual cards are primarily used for Facebook, Google, and TikTok Ads, shopping at international stores, and anywhere Visa/Master cards are accepted. 

It offers various virtual cards for different kinds of payments, including purchases(Ultima), work, entertainment, and advertisement (Facebook, TikTok, and Google). 

Each card has its fees and price. For example, Ultima cards cost at least $7, while the Facebook Ads virtual cards attract a $10 monthly payment. Users can easily top up their cards via crypto or any convenient method. They can also download a transaction history report from the app.

12. Tribapay

TribaPay aims to simplify the global spending experience by offering safe and convenient virtual USD cards. The cards are universally accepted across websites and platforms; you can link them to your PayPal accounts. Tribapay offers different virtual cards for various purposes, such as shopping and travel. 

Users can create multiple cards, fund them, and set spending limits from the Tribapay wallet. They can even change the virtual card’s PIN via the account settings.

13. Cardify

Cardify Africa aims to simplify spending across digital and fiat wallets. It offers two types of dollar virtual cards: Visa/standard cards and Mastercard/basic card, which works wherever Mastercard is accepted. 

You do not need USD in your wallet; with Naira, USDT, BinancePay, or Paxful wallets, users can fund Cardify’s virtual card for as little as $5. They can also make global payments and shop online on AliExpress, eBay, Amazon, and Mailchimp. 

Cardify’s virtual cards also offer competitive rates without limit. You enjoy zero maintenance fee but a card issuance fee of $2.

14. Zole

Zole offers an easy and instant international money transfer service with a phone number. With offices in the US, Canada, and Nigeria, Zole saves users from unnecessary charges and provides a secure and fast payment method. The Zole virtual dollar card costs a $2.00 issuance fee. There are no maintenance fees, but you are charged 0.5% on each transaction. 

The card can be created instantly from the Zole app and is valid for three years. Zole virtual cards can be used to shop on popular platforms like Amazon, Envato, Udemy, Coursera, and GoDaddy.

15. ALAT by Wema

Alat virtual dollar card

Wema Bank offers its virtual card to facilitate online purchases and payments for subscription services like Netflix, iTunes, and Spotify without needing a physical card. 

The cards work well across popular apps and platforms, and users are not charged unnecessary fees. You can quickly create, manage, liquidate or even block your virtual card within the Alat app.

Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Card Providers In Nigeria

1. What Is A Virtual Dollar Card?

A virtual card is a non-physical card denominated in US dollars used to make international payments online for products and services. Virtual cards look and work almost like physical cards, but they are generated from payment wallet apps and loaded with funds to make US dollar payments.

2. How Do I Get A Virtual Dollar Card In Nigeria?

To get a virtual dollar card, you must sign up with any reputable virtual card provider like Cardtonic, complete your KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure and generate a virtual card from the app.

3. What Documents Do I Need To Get A Virtual Dollar Card?

Generally, you will require your Bank Verification Number and a valid ID card to complete your KYC procedures.

4. Are There Any Fees Associated With Virtual Dollar Cards?

Some providers may charge maintenance fees, issuance or transaction fees. You must confirm with your provider. 

5. What Happens If My Virtual Dollar Card Expires?

If your card expires, you must generate a new one from the app after paying an issuance fee. The expiration date is typically found on your virtual card.

6. What Is The Best Virtual Dollar Card In Nigeria?

Among Nigeria’s virtual dollar cards, Cardtonic stands out. It combines the benefits of existing solutions to deliver the best user experience, offering virtual dollar MasterCard and Visa cards for making international purchases, payments and online shopping. 


Virtual dollar cards offer users access to global goods and services, convenience, security, and ease. Making money is already tough; spending shouldn’t be. Several virtual dollar card providers have great solutions to counter international payment challenges in Nigeria. 

Some of Nigeria’s best virtual dollar card providers include Cardtonic, Chipper Cash, and Eversend. However, Cardtonic edges existing virtual cards as they are inexpensive to create and offer the best conversion rate without any maintenance charges. Cardtonic combines the benefits of existing solutions into one product, and with both Visa and Mastercard virtual card offerings, users enjoy network acceptance across merchants globally.

By now, you should know which virtual dollar best suits your needs. In this piece, I highlighted the top virtual dollar cards in Nigeria, indicating their creation fees, the types of cards offered, usage and maintenance charges, and the utility of the different existing solutions. 


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