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I like to believe I am a simple guy; happiness doesn’t take much. I find joy in the little things in life, such as; working out in an empty gym, cracking open a bottle of cold beer after a long day of work, or getting my packages from Amazon.  Due to the economy, and my […]

Different Pictures Of Sephora Gift Card And How To Identify Them

Hey there! So, I totally get your curiosity about the different pictures of Sephora gift cards and how you can identify them. Trust me, I have been there also. So there was this time I wanted to get my bestie, who is a beauty enthusiast, a Sephora gift card.  With little or no knowledge of […]

Explore the Top 9 Types of Gift Cards Available in India

Searching for the perfect gift for your loved ones can sometimes be frustrating. That is where gift card steps in, offering a versatile and personalized option that will surely put a smile on your loved one’s face and create a memorable moment for them. Well, because we are best friends, I will show you the […]

The American Express gift card serves you better than other types of gift cards. This is because AMEX specializes in providing payment cards to both individuals and businesses. Thousands of AMEX gift cards are circulating worldwide, which may confuse the ordinary person. You may come across some Amex gift cards that are highly decorated, then […]

An AMEX Gift Card.

There are still some things in life that require cash. Be it transactional, speculative, or precautionary. The need to have and hold cash does not seem to be dying anytime soon. Luckily for you, the AMEX gift card serves as a very resourceful means of getting cash. In this article, I will be showing you […]

There’s no fun in having a new item you can’t use. The excitement slowly turns into frustration because you can’t enjoy this new thing for some reason or another. This is a common feeling we all face, so I understand. The Razer gold gift card is one of the most interesting digital assets out there […]

Netflix is an American video streaming service, where you can watch thousands of movies and series across various genres. This is one of the biggest streaming services in the world currently. Netflix is a paid platform and has various rates depending on your package. The four major Netflix packages are; mobile, basic, standard, and premium. […]

I am sure it gets a bit frustrating when everybody keeps talking about the tons of interesting games you can buy with your Steam gift card on the platform, and how you should never run out of games to play on Steam. However, every Steam user knows that most of the best games are not […]

As a gamer, especially during the holidays like this, a Steam gift card is one of the best things you can buy for yourself or receive from loved ones. This gift card lets you catch up with the latest games and buy credits on your favourite ones. If you want to learn more about Steam […]

The use of gift cards in Africa is growing rapidly, which is expected since this is a continent that is already embracing the concept of mobile money. That said, alternative payment methods like gift cards surely offer greater advantages for this generation of Africans. Cardtonic is a B2C and B2B product that bridges the gap between individuals that need cash in exchange for an unused gift card and businesses that need discounted gift cards as payment alternatives.

Founded in 2019, Cardtonic continues to serve as the man-in-the-middle while offering gift card brokerage services with a bright vision that vows to reduce the wastage of gift cards year in and year out. Simply put, Cardtonic is a gift card trading app that allows users to sell gift cards in Nigeria and sell gift cards in Ghana, and also buy gift cards at the best gift card rates and prices.

The B2C product is currently available on Android, IOS and Web for the average user. And the B2B offering is currently limited to selected partners, based on strict terms and subsequent to an adequate compliance exercise.

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