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How to Buy Visa Gift Cards With Naira In Nigeria

Shopping on international platforms can be daunting due to restrictions and limitations placed on Naira debit cards. However, an excellent alternative solution to this problem is using gift cards. Cardtonic, Nigeria’s leading gift card exchange platform, has made it incredibly easy to buy Visa gift cards in Nigeria. 

This article will show you exactly how you can buy Visa gift cards with Naira in Nigeria and why using Cardtonic is the best way to do so.

Step 1: Introducing Cardtonic 

You might be wondering, “Why Cardtonic ?” easy! We are the best gift card exchange platform in Nigeria. On Cardtonic, You can buy various gift cards at the most discounted prices in the country and receive your gift cards almost immediately after confirmation of payment. 

Cardtonic is also secure, user-friendly, and very responsive when it comes to customer inquiries or complaints.

Step 2: Download The Cardtonic Application

Just like MTN, Cardtonic is everywhere you go. The Cardtonic application is available both on IOS and Google Play store. All you need to do is head to the app store, search for Cardtonic, and download the application.

Step 3: Register on Cardtonic 

 To register on Cardtonic, you would be asked to provide details such as name, phone number, email address, and bank account number. After verifying your email, you are all set to go.

Step 4: Purchase Visa Gift Cards with Naira on Cardtonic

Things get interesting in this step. You can buy Visa gift cards from Cardtonc by following these few steps. Open your Cardtonic application and click on buy gift cards, pick the united states as the gift card country, select Visa prepaid as the preferred choice of gift card, enter the card unit and amount, and then proceed to payment.

1. Open the Cardtonic application and click on “Buy gift cards.”

2. Pick the United States as the gift card country.

3. Select Visa Prepaid Card as your desired gift card.

An image of the gift card option on the Cardtonic app.

4. Enter your preferred card unit and the amount.

An image of the card unit and amount on the Cardtonic app.

5. Finally, proceed to payment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Visa Gift Cards:

1. How Much is a $1,000 Visa Gift Card in Naira?

Cardtonic is the best place to get discounted gift cards in Nigeria. You can buy the $1000 Visa gift card for as low as 1,500 Naira on Cardtonic.  

2. How Much is a $5,000 Visa Gift Card in Naira Today?

The $5000 Visa gift card is also very affordable. It is currently worth 5,500 Naira.

3. Where Can I Buy Visa Gift Cards in Nigeria?

The best place to buy discounted gift cards in Nigeria (Visa included) without any hassle is Cardtonic. We are 100% secure, and you can purchase local and international gift cards 24/7. 


With Cardtonic, buying Visa gift cards with Naira in Nigeria has never been easier. You now have a seamless gateway to international shopping or streaming, free from the usual restrictions of Naira debit cards. Download the Cardtonic application, register, select the Visa gift card, pick your card unit and amount, and then proceed to payment. You can now shop more and pay less thanks to Cardtonic. 

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