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How to Report Steam Gift Card Scams

Hey besties! We all know how popular the Steam gift card is in gaming and how you can use this gift card to buy games and other digital content. But what if you got scammed? “Steam gift card scams are real as the Steam gift card itself.” What should you do? And how could you […]

Explore the Top 9 Types of Gift Cards Available in India

Searching for the perfect gift for your loved ones can sometimes be frustrating. That is where gift card steps in, offering a versatile and personalized option that will surely put a smile on your loved one’s face and create a memorable moment for them. Well, because we are best friends, I will show you the […]

The not-so-celebrated holiday is around the corner, and the only people anticipating this day are supermarket owners. The “World’s best dad” mug has been carrying this holiday on its back even before I was born. It is safe to say that gifting your dad that mug on Father’s Day is now a tradition. I know the […]

Discover the Top 9 Best International Gift cards for Gifting Globally

When it comes to showing your love, forget about sappy stuff. Sending gifts to your loved ones is where it’s at, my friend. And guess what?  International gift cards are the bomb, breaking all those pesky borders. They’re like a global party gang, ready to get down anywhere! Now, hold up! I’ve dug deep and […]

Gift Card

ATM Cards have become the preferred payment method over cash for some time now. However, in recent years, ATM card maintenance costs have been quite absurd. This is why people are looking to switch to  prepaid cards among other reasons. There are many prepaid cards in today’s market, and without proper understanding, purchasing a significantly […]

Amazon is popularly referred to as the everything store because you can buy almost anything you need from the brand. Such as grocery items, home decor, outdoor equipment, kitchen utensils, etc. It is expected that a brand of such magnitude would have multiple payment methods to ensure smooth purchases. Out of all possible payment methods, […]

The phrase “gift cards” has become one of the most commonly searched and talked about digital assets in the 21st century. I can understand if you are still a bit unsure of what they are precisely, and what they do. I myself have caught unto things late. However, this is not something you want to […]

Steam card

It is no good having something you can’t use. Especially if the thing is as exciting and efficient as a Steam gift card. Without proper activation, your Steam gift card is practically useless. It is also important to know how to activate your Steam gift card because your Steam account can be flagged for suspicious […]

The introduction of digital wallets has to be one of the best creations for careless people. I, unfortunately, fall unto this category. Losing things have become a norm for me, and once I accepted this reality I decided to look for more secure alternatives for safeguarding my properties. This is how I stumbled upon digital […]

The use of gift cards in Africa is growing rapidly, which is expected since this is a continent that is already embracing the concept of mobile money. That said, alternative payment methods like gift cards surely offer greater advantages for this generation of Africans. Cardtonic is a B2C and B2B product that bridges the gap between individuals that need cash in exchange for an unused gift card and businesses that need discounted gift cards as payment alternatives.

Founded in 2019, Cardtonic continues to serve as the man-in-the-middle while offering gift card brokerage services with a bright vision that vows to reduce the wastage of gift cards year in and year out. Simply put, Cardtonic is a gift card trading app that allows users to sell gift cards in Nigeria and sell gift cards in Ghana, and also buy gift cards at the best gift card rates and prices.

The B2C product is currently available on Android, IOS and Web for the average user. And the B2B offering is currently limited to selected partners, based on strict terms and subsequent to an adequate compliance exercise.

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