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Prepaid Cards with ATM Convenience: 6 Options to Consider

ATM Cards have become the preferred payment method over cash for some time now. However, in recent years, ATM card maintenance costs have been quite absurd. This is why people are looking to switch to  prepaid cards among other reasons.

There are many prepaid cards in today’s market, and without proper understanding, purchasing a significantly limiting prepaid card is possible. I will show you the top six prepaid gift cards with ATM Convenience as of June 18, 2024 and the factors to consider to further aid your decision.

What Are The 6 Prepaid Cards With ATM Convenience? 

As of June 18, 2024, the six prepaid cards with ATM convenience are; PayPal Prepaid Mastercard, Netspend Visa Prepaid Card, The Mango Prepaid Card, Bluebird American Express Prepaid Debit Account, Walmart Money Card, and Brinks Prepaid Mastercard. 

1. PayPal Prepaid Mastercard:

An image of a Paypal Gift Card.

The PayPal prepaid MasterCard can be funded directly from your account and used as an ATM. This prepaid card has no fees whatsoever attached to it for withdrawals and is widely accepted.  However, you might need to pay a fine if you leave your card inactive for over three months.  

2. Netspend Visa Prepaid Card : 

An image of a Netspend Gift Card.

Although the downside to this prepaid card is that the ATM Withdrawal fee is on the high side, With The Netspend Visa prepaid card, you can conduct unlimited transactions for a flat monthly fee. 

3. The Mango Prepaid Mastercard:

The Mango prepaid MasterCard can practically be used to manage your finances. You can withdraw from ATM machines, check your balance, and send money anywhere. Although this card has no activation fee, international withdrawal fees are high.

4. Bluebird American Express Prepaid Debit Account:

An image of a Bluebird American Express Prepaid Card.

The Bluebird AMEX card can be used to pay for items at stores or websites that accept Amex as a payment method. It has free atm access and also comes at a relatively low rate.  The Bluebird AMEX card does not also charge any inactivity fees. 

5. Walmart MoneyCard :  

An image of a Walmart a Gift Card.

Walmart money card is a prepaid card that is perfect for ATMs and also cash back rewards at Walmart. On the Walmart money card, you would be charged a monthly fee of $5.94 for all deposits lower than $500. However, there are no charges on deposits above $500.  

6. Brinks Prepaid Mastercard :  

An image of a Brinks Gift Card.

The Brinks Prepaid Mastercard allows you to pick a monthly or pay-as-you-go plan. This prepaid card can be used at ATMs for a regulated fee and to pay for items anywhere a MasterCard is accepted as a means of payment. 

All of the above-mentioned prepaid cards would serve you well. However, opportunity cost may have to kick in if you only want to buy just one. I will aid your decision by providing you with some factors to consider before purchasing any prepaid card.  

Factors To Consider When Choosing Prepaid Cards With ATM Access

The three major factors you should look out for before purchasing prepaid cards are; worldwide acceptance, fees, and security measures.

1. Worldwide Acceptance :

One of the first things you should look out for when trying to buy a prepaid card is its general acceptance. Prepaid cards are meant to be a direct replacement for your ATM card, meaning they should be just as flexible and easy to use for making payments.  You might need to reconsider if there is minimal acceptance on your desired prepaid card. 

2. Fees :

Another reason people opt for prepaid cards over ATM cards is the fees. Although fees are attached to prepaid cards, you may have to start rethinking your options when they are higher than regular ATM cards. 

3. Security Measures:

A specific sum of money is put into a prepaid card. Most times, these amounts are somewhat expensive. So before buying a prepaid card, be sure that the card provider has a track record of security and also research the preventive measures they’ve put in place to ensure their customer’s financial safety.


1. Are Prepaid Cards The Same As Debit Cards? 

There’s a difference between prepaid cards and traditional debit cards. Your bank issues debit cards, while a prepaid card is not issued by banks. So, In summary, no, they are not. 

2. Can Everybody Use A Prepaid Card? 

Yes! Prepaid cards are available for everyone to purchase, unlike credit cards. 

3. Where Can I Buy Prepaid Cards in Nigeria?

The best place to buy prepaid cards in Nigeria is Cardtonic. You can get various prepaid cards supported by MasterCard, Visa, and many more.  Buying prepaid cards on Cardtonic puts you at an advantage because you would be offered the most affordable rates in the country


There is no doubt that ATM Cards have greatly benefited us since their inception. However, we cannot overlook the rising cost of maintaining them, which is why it is wise to look for cheaper alternatives. 

This is where prepaid cards come in. The top six prepaid cards with ATM Convenience as of June 18, 2024 are; PayPal Prepaid Mastercard, Netspend Visa Prepaid Card, The Mango Prepaid Card, Bluebird American Express Prepaid Debit Account, Walmart Money Card, and Brinks Prepaid Mastercard. Although they are slightly different from traditional debit cards, prepaid cards can be purchased and used by anyone. And the best place to buy prepaid cards in Nigeria is Cardtonic.

It might be challenging to settle for just 1, especially if this is your first prepaid card purchase. The best way to aid this decision is to look at three key factors. Which are the general acceptance of the prepaid card, the fees attached to the card, and the security measures put in place by the card provider.  


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