Sell Nike Gift Card In Nigeria And Ghana

Sell Nike Gift Card In Nigeria & Ghana

As you know, Nike makes it simple to shop their vast selection of athletic apparel, shoes, and equipment using Nike gift cards. However, you may find yourself in a dilemma if you receive a Nike gift card but can’t spot anything you like enough to splurge on. Or perhaps you have some leftover balance on an old Nike gift card that’s bound to go unused.

Not to worry! I have good news for you. There is an easy, convenient way to exchange any unwanted Nike gift cards for instant cash payouts right here in Nigeria and Ghana.

In this guide, I will explain exactly what Nike gift cards are and recommend the best platform for selling your Nike gift card swiftly at excellent rates.

What Are Nike Gift Cards?

Nike gift cards are prepaid stored-value cards that serve as an alternative payment method for purchasing Nike products and services. They provide a convenient way to shop Nike’s selection without needing a standard payment card.

Nike gift cards come in two primary forms:

1. Physical Cards: These are branded Nike plastic gift cards purchased at Nike retail stores, superstores like Walmart, or other brick-and-mortar outlets. The cards have a concealed PIN underneath that gets revealed when scratched off.

2. Ecodes: Ecodes are virtual Nike gift cards delivered electronically via email or SMS text message. They contain a 16-digit alphanumeric code that gets entered at online checkout on Nike’s website to redeem the stored value.

Both physical and virtual Ecode versions allow recipients to shop Nike’s vast online and in-store selection. The cards continue to hold their full value until redeemed, so even unused balances remain valid for future Nike shopping even years later.

Where To Sell Your Nike Gift Card In Nigeria And Ghana

When it comes to trading Nike gift cards for cash, the big challenge is finding a trustworthy platform that not only keeps your transactions safe but also gives you the best rate. That’s where Cardtonic steps in – the go-to gift card platform in Nigeria and Ghana.

Cardtonic is an online trading platform where you can seamlessly trade or sell gift cards for cash, including Nike gift cards. So, if you’re looking to cash in on your gift cards without any hassle, Cardtonic has your back.

You can get started with Cardtonic below: 





How To Trade Or Sell Your Nike Gift Cards On Cardtonic

If you want to convert your Nike gift card to cash on Cardtonic; First, you have to download the Cardtonic app, click “sell gift card,” select the gift card category and subcategory, upload the gift card picture, and click submit.

1. Open the Cardtonic application on mobile or web.

2. Click on the “Sell Gift Card” icon

3. Select the Gift Card category. E.g., Nike gift card

4. Select the sub-category. For example, USA Nike Ecode (100-299)

5. Enter the Gift Card amount.

6. Input your gift card code if the card is an e-code or upload the Nike gift card images if the card is an image.

7. Click on the Proceed button.

8. Double-check your transaction on the summary page and read the trade terms. Click on Submit, and that’s it.

It’ll take about 5 to 10 minutes for the transaction to be completed. To learn more about how to sell gift cards on Cardtonic, check out the video below:

Why Convert Your Nike Gift Cards To Cash On Cardtonic

When it comes to the must-have features in a top-notch gift card trading app, Cardtonic ticks all the right boxes. Key among these features are a user-friendly interface, swift transaction processing, and competitive rates for your gift cards.

1. Competitive Rates: Cardtonic provides exceptionally high Nike gift card rates, so you get the maximum cash payout possible. 

2. Swift Processing: At Cardtonic, there’s no need to wait for days to receive payment for your gift card swap. Once your trade is verified and approved, you are instantly credited with your payment.

3. Mobile Convenience: Cardtonic offers an intuitive mobile app for Android and iOS that allows you to conveniently sell Nike gift cards on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions About Exchanging Nike Gift Card Online

1. How Can I Check My Nike Gift Card Balance?

To check your Nike gift card balance, go to or the Nike app and select “Gift Cards” in your account profile. Enter the gift card number and pin, or upload a picture of the physical card. The balance and expiration date will then be displayed.

2. What Are Nike Gift Cards Used For?

Nike gift cards can be used to purchase products on, at Nike retail stores, Nike Factory Stores, Converse stores, or selected partner retail locations. This includes items like shoes, apparel, equipment and accessories.

3. What Are Some Of The Most Common Errors Associated With Nike Gift Cards?

Some common Nike gift card errors include invalid gift card numbers, incorrect pins, redemption on the wrong country site, and gift cards that have already been fully redeemed. Always double-check the number and pin before attempting to redeem.

4. How Can I Turn My Nike Gift Card To Cash?

You can easily turn your Nike gift card into cash on Nigeria and Ghana’s leading gift card trading platform, Cardtonic. Simply sign up, upload your Nike gift card details, and receive instant cash payments to your bank.

5. Where Are Nike Gift Cards Accepted?

Nike gift cards are accepted at all Nike-owned channels, including, Nike retail stores, Nike Factory Stores, and the Nike App. They are also redeemable at Converse retail stores and some authorized partner retailers.


Exchanging unwanted or unused Nike gift cards for instant cash payouts is a breeze with Cardtonic. Cardtonic makes it simple to get the best rates and swift payment directly to your Nigerian or Ghanaian bank account.

So don’t let any outstanding balances on old Nike gift cards go to waste. Sign up with Cardtonic today to convert them to Naira or Cedis within minutes.

You can get started with Cardtonic below: 




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