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Sell or Redeem Amazon Gift Card in Nigeria


Amazon is an American multinational technology company with numerous subsidiaries. It started as an online marketplace for books, it has grown into a multinational company that deals with almost everything; e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.

With its e-commerce site, it has earned its name as “The Everything Store” because it deals with the sale of different products and services. 

What are Amazon gift cards?

These are prepaid cards loaded with a specific amount of money, used as an alternative payment method to purchase products and services from the Amazon website and physical stores.  

Amazon gift cards come in different values and countries. 

They also come in two forms; physical cards and Ecodes. 

Physical card: This is a branded Amazon card bought in physical stores such as Amazon stores, Walgreen’s, Walmart, etc. 

Ecodes: These are electronic codes bought on the Amazon website. This code is sent to your email address or phone number. They are also called eGift cards. 


What are the Different Payment Methods For Amazon Gift Cards? 

You can buy Amazon gift cards in physical stores using various methods. 

  1. Cash receipt:  This is when you purchase them with cash.
  2. Credit receipt: This is when you make use of a credit card such as a VISA CARD and MASTERCARD.
  3. Debit receipt: This is when you make use of a debit card.
  4. Activation receipt: In this case, an activation receipt sometimes is not regarded as a payment receipt as it does not inform the payment option.This receipt serves as proof that your Amazon gift card has been activated.

How to Redeem Amazon gift card by yourself

You can redeem Amazon gift card by yourself by following these 3 simple steps. 

  1. Sign in to your Amazon account. 
  2. Go to the “Gift cards” section. 
  3. Click on “Redeem Amazon Gift Cards”
  4. Enter your gift card claim code 
  5. Then click the “Apply to your balance” button
  6. You will get a confirmation message. 


How to Check Amazon gift card balance

  1. Sign in to your Amazon account 
  2. On the menu, click “Your Account”
  3. Select “Gift Cards” and view the balance. 

Where can I Sell Amazon gift card In Nigeria?

You can sell your Amazon cards in exchange for cash by using Cardtonic

Cardtonic is an online gift card trading platform where you can trade various types of cards from different countries seamlessly, including amazon card redeem. 

So, if you are looking for a good way to trade amazon cards online securely, proceed to or download our mobile app on Android or iOS.


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