Sell Vanilla Visa And Mastercard Gift Card In Nigeria And Ghana

Sell Vanilla Gift card In Nigeria and Ghana

Vanilla Gift is a leading provider of open-loop prepaid gift cards, issuing personalized cards in partnership with payment giants like Visa and Mastercard. This allows consumers to enjoy flexibility and convenience when shopping.

With a Vanilla Visa or Mastercard gift card, you can make purchases almost anywhere those card brands are accepted – online, in-store, domestically, and even internationally. It functions similarly to having a standard credit card linked to your identity.

However, sometimes you may be gifted a Vanilla card you don’t want or need. Or you have leftover funds on an old card just sitting around unused. Rather than letting that balance expire worthlessly, why not convert it into cash instead?

Luckily, there’s an easy way to sell Vanilla Visa and Mastercard gift cards for instant cash payouts to your bank account. In this guide, I’ll walk you through exactly what Vanilla gift cards are and how to trade yours in for Naira or Cedis seamlessly. 

What Are Vanilla Gift Cards

Vanilla gift cards are open-loop prepaid cards that can be used as an alternative payment method to purchase items from almost any retailer. They are loaded with a specified amount of money, similar to having a temporary credit card.

Forms of Vanilla Gift Cards

Vanilla gift cards are available in two primary forms:

1. Physical Cards: These are branded plastic gift cards that can be purchased at retail outlets such as Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and other stores.

2. E-Gift Cards: Also referred to as ecodes, these are digital Vanilla gift cards delivered by email or SMS text message. You can buy these e-gift cards from platforms like Cardtonic.

Characteristics of Vanilla Gift Cards

Vanilla gift cards have some defining characteristics:

1. Expiration Date: The cards expire 6-12 months after activation, depending on the type. Unused funds are forfeited.

2. Fees: There can be fees like dormancy fees if not used within a certain timeframe after purchase.

3. 16-digit Number: All Vanilla cards have a 16-digit card number, CVV security code, and expiration date to make online purchases.

4. Zip Code Requirement: Entering a zip code is required for fraud protection when using a Vanilla card online.

Major Vanilla Gift Card Types

The three most common types of Vanilla gift cards are:

  1. OneVanilla Visa Gift Card
  2. OneVanilla Mastercard Gift Card
  3. Vanilla Visa Credit Gift Card

Where To Sell Vanilla Gift Cards In Nigeria And Ghana

If you’re looking to convert your unused Vanilla gift cards to cash, Cardtonic provides a secure and convenient online platform to trade them for cash. As one of the leading gift card exchange services in Nigeria and Ghana, Cardtonic stands out with its competitive rates, user-friendly experience, and swift payout process.

You can get started with Cardtonic below: 





How To Trade Or Sell Vanilla Gift Card On Cardtonic

If you want to convert your Vanilla gift card to cash on Cardtonic, first, you have to download the Cardtonic app, click “sell gift card,” select the gift card category and subcategory, upload the gift card picture, and click submit.

1. Open the Cardtonic application on mobile or web. 

2. Click on the “Sell Gift Card” icon 

3. Select the Gift Card category. E.g., Vanilla gift card

4. Select the sub-category. For example, USA OneVanilla Visa/Mastercard E-Card(300 and above)

5. Enter the Gift Card amount. 

6. Input your gift card code if the card is an e-code or upload the Vanilla gift card images if the card is an image. 

7. Click on the Proceed button. 

8. Double-check your transaction on the summary page and read the trade terms. Click on Submit, and that’s it. 

It’ll take about 5 to 10 minutes for the transaction to be completed. To learn more about how to sell gift cards on Cardtonic, check out the video below:

Why Exchange Your Vanilla Gift Cards For Cash On Cardtonic

Trading your Vanilla gift cards for cash on Cardtonic offers several key benefits that make the process convenient and worthwhile. These include receiving competitive rates, experiencing quick payment processing, and accessing a responsive customer support team.

1. Swift Payment: One of the biggest advantages of using Cardtonic is the fast payout process. Once your gift card trade is verified and approved, you can expect the cash to hit your bank account in a matter of minutes.

2. Competitive Rates: Cardtonic ensures you get top dollar for your Vanilla gift cards by offering highly competitive rates. Cardtonic rate-tracking mechanisms are updated regularly to provide you with the best possible value.

3. Excellent Customer Service: With a dedicated 24/7 customer support team, Cardtonic prioritizes user experience. Cardtonic’s support team is always available to address any concerns or queries that may arise during the sale or payment process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions About Converting Vanilla Gift Cards To Cash

1. How Can I Check My Vanilla Gift Card Balance?

You can follow these simple steps to check the balance on your Vanilla gift card:

1. Visit the official Vanilla website at Once on the website, locate the section to check your card balance. 

2. You will need to enter the 16-digit card number found on the front of your Vanilla gift card. Additionally, you will be prompted to enter the expiration date (month and year) and the 3-digit CVV security code on the back of the card. 

3. After providing this information, click on the “Sign In” or “Check Balance” button and the website will display the remaining balance on your Vanilla gift card.

2. What Are Some Of The Most Common Errors Associated With Vanilla Gift Cards?

Several common errors can arise when using Vanilla gift cards. One potential problem is that the card may not have been properly activated at the time of purchase, leading to declined transactions. 

Another common issue is attempting to make a purchase that exceeds the remaining balance on the gift card. Vanilla gift cards are also generally not accepted for international transactions or purchases made on foreign websites, which can result in declined payments.

Additionally, some merchants may require a zip code to be associated with the gift card, and if one is not assigned, the card could be rejected during the checkout process.

3. Can I Convert A Vanilla Gift Card To Cash?

Yes, it is possible to convert a Vanilla gift card to cash. You can sell your vanilla gift card on a gift card platform like Cardtonic and receive cash in exchange for the card’s remaining balance, typically at a discounted rate.

4. How Much Is $100 Vanilla In Nigeria And Ghana?

As of June 2024, the value of a $100 Vanilla gift card is approximately 33,000 – 35,000 Naira in Nigeria and 265 – 270 Cedis in Ghana. However, rates can fluctuate, so it’s best to check Cardtonic’s rate calculator for the most current value.

5. Can I Transfer Money From A Vanilla Gift Card To Cash App?

While it is not possible to directly transfer funds from a Vanilla gift card to a Cash App account, there is a workaround that can help you achieve this indirectly. You can sell your vanilla gift card for cash on Cardtonic and transfer the cash to your Cash App.


Vanilla gift cards are great for flexibility, but sometimes you just need cash on hand. That’s where Cardtonic steps in. Cardtonic makes turning your Vanilla Visa or Mastercard gift cards into instant cash a breeze at competitive rates.

With speedy processing and top-notch customer support, Cardtonic ensures a straightforward solution to convert those unused gift cards into much-needed cash.

Don’t let those balances sit around doing nothing – choose Cardtonic for a smooth and convenient cash-out experience.

You can get started with Cardtonic below: 




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