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What Are The Nike Gift Card Errors and How Can They Be Fixed?

Nike is a multi-billion dollar company founded in the united states, which has grown to become one of the top-selling footwear brands across various sports, and cultures. They produce, sell and market branded products such as footwear, apparel, clothing, accessories, etc. 

Their gift cards can also be used to purchase every item at the brand and subsidiary brands. Such as; ( NikeWomen, NikeClearance, & NikeFactoryStore). These gift cards are specific to a region. For example, you can only redeem your US Nike gift card in America.  

Nike gift cards are fun to have. Even more enjoyable to redeem, because you can never get enough. No error message should take that joy away from you. Once you know how to solve these errors, you are good. 

The Two Nike Gift Code Errors and Solutions

1. Invalid code: If you ever get the ïnvalid code” error message when trying to redeem your Nike gift card, it most likely means you have inputted the wrong details of your gift card. You either put the wrong letter/ number or put the serial number instead of the code. Carefully read the instructions and input the correct thing. 

2. Not activated: For you to get the “Not activated” error message, it means there is a slight issue with your gift card. Don’t panic; it’s temporary and completely resolvable. All gift cards must be activated after purchasing before use. Just like turning on the switch. To activate your Nike gift card, you can either take it back to the store of purchase or reach out to the brand to help.

With this information, nothing can get in the way of your fun. There is a lot to be bought, and you shouldn’t be caught lacking. 

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