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How To Sell Razer Gold Gift Card in Nigeria

Razer Incorporation is a multinational technology company, established in San Diego California, that designs and develops both software and Hardware items. Some of which include; Consumer electronics and gaming hardware. They also provide financial services. 

Razer has a state-of-the-art platform that allows users to stream, play, purchase, and download video games directly to their devices. 


What Are Razer Gift Cards All About?

This is a digital asset created by Razer to smoothen the payment process on the platform. Razer Gold gift cards are unified virtual credits Which when redeemed, can be used to purchase digital products on Razer. There are currently over 2,000 games and entertainment content on the platform 

Razer Gold Gift cards come in physical & digital forms and the amounts available range from $10 – $1000.


Where To Sell Razer Gold Card For Cash In Nigeria?

The Razer Gold gift card is great. However, if you are unable to redeem this digital asset for any reason, or are suddenly in need of cash, you can quickly sell your gift card for cash using the Cardtonic platform.





One of the best platforms to resell your gift card is Cardtonic because you are constantly offered high rates. 

What is The Rate Of Razer Gold Gift Card on Cardtonic?

Fortunately, there is no fixed rate for Razer gold gift cards because each is unique and rates vary generally. There are a couple of factors that affect the rate of a gift card. Such as; demand, currency, form, amount, etc. Currently, the highest selling razer gold gift card on Cardtonic is the “USA Razer Gold Gift Card (50 and above)” going for 485/$1. 

The only way to keep up with gift card rates is by checking the rate calculator feature provided by Cardtonic 


How To Identify a Razer Gold Gift Card Picture? 

Razer gold gifts have certain unique qualities that make them identifiable:

  • They usually have a touch of green on them. 
  • Most Razor gold cards have fourteen numeric codes.


Error Prompts Associated With Razer Gold Gift Cards

Below are some razer gold gift card errors:

  1.  “Failed to Reload.”

This error prompt may come up while redeeming your Razer gold gift card. It means the following:

  • You may have entered the wrong pin
  • You may have imputed the Serial number rather than the pin 
  • You may be using a Razer Gold wallet from a different region
  1. The gift card is already redeemed: 

These are cards that have already been redeemed before the customer sent them to our platform. 

Other gift cards acceptable on Cardtonic include (But are not limited to): iTunes, Amazon, Steam Wallet, Google Play, Apple Store, eBay, Walmart, Sephora, OneVanilla, Nordstrom, Target, JCPenney, Best Buy, Nike,, Macy’s, Gamestop, Xbox, Vanilla, G2A, American Express (AMEX), OffGamers, Foot Locker, Visa, Play Station, and others.

To learn more about how to sell gift cards on Cardtonic,  check out the video below.


Cardtonic remains the best site to sell gift cards in Nigeria, including but not limited to iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Apple Store, eBay, Sephora, OneVanilla, Nordstrom, Target, JCPenney, Walmart, Best Buy, Nike,, Macy’s, Gamestop, Xbox, Vanilla, G2A, American Express (AMEX), OffGamers, Foot Locker, Visa, Play Station, and others. free to check gift card rates at any time.

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