Sell Visa Gift Card Online In Nigeria And Ghana

Sell Visa Gift Cards in Nigeria and Ghana

Despite the widespread acceptance and convenience of Visa gift cards, there are times when having cash in hand is more practical. Whether you need to make a purchase from a merchant that doesn’t accept gift cards or simply prefer the flexibility of cash, the ability to convert your Visa gift card into cash can be invaluable.

In this guide, I will share with you the best platform for selling your Visa gift card online in Nigeria and Ghana, allowing you to unlock the full value of your gift card and access the funds in the form of cash. 

About Visa And Visa Gift Cards

Visa is a globally recognized payment network that facilitates secure and convenient transactions worldwide. A Visa gift card is a prepaid card loaded with a specific amount of money, allowing you to make purchases from any platform or store that accepts Visa payments.

Unlike traditional credit or debit cards, Visa gift cards cannot be reloaded once the initial balance has been depleted. This makes them an ideal choice for gifting purposes or for controlling spending within a set budget.

Visa gift cards are available in two primary forms:

1. Physical Cards: These are branded plastic gift cards that can be purchased from various retail outlets such as Walmart, Walgreens, Dollar General, Valero, and more. These physical cards can be easily gifted or carried in your wallet for in-store purchases.

2. E-Gift Cards: Also known as digital codes, e-gift cards are purchased online and delivered directly to your email address or phone number. These electronic versions offer the convenience of instant access and can be used for online transactions or in-store purchases by providing the card details during checkout.

Difference Between Visa Gift Card And Visa Credit Card

While both Visa gift cards and Visa credit cards bear the trusted Visa brand and can be used for making purchases, there are distinct differences between the two regarding account linkage and reloadability. 

1. Account Linkage: Visa credit cards are typically linked to a bank account or line of credit, while Visa gift cards are not associated with any personal account. Gift cards are prepaid with a fixed amount of funds.

2. Reloadability: Visa credit cards offer the flexibility of being reloadable, allowing you to add funds and continue using the card indefinitely. In contrast, Visa gift cards are non-reloadable, meaning once the preloaded balance is depleted, the card cannot be topped up.

You could read this article on the difference between a Visa gift card and a Visa credit card to learn more about their differences.

Where To Sell Your Visa Gift Cards In Nigeria And Ghana

Cardtonic offers you the opportunity to trade your VISA gift cards for cash effortlessly. As an online platform, Cardtonic ensures seamless trading experiences and provides the best rates available. With Cardtonic, you can enjoy a stress-free process while exchanging your gift cards for cash.

You can get started with Cardtonic below: 





How To Trade Or Sell Your Visa Gift Cards On Cardtonic

If you want to convert your Visa gift card to cash on Cardtonic; First, you have to download the Cardtonic app, click “sell gift card,” select the gift card category and subcategory, upload the gift card picture, and click submit.

1. Open the Cardtonic application on mobile or web. 

2. Click on the “Sell Gift Card” icon 

3. Select the Gift Card category. E.g., Visa gift card

4. Select the sub-category. For example, Canada Visa Gift Card (100-299)

5. Enter the Gift Card amount. 

6. Input your gift card code if the card is an e-code or upload the Visa gift card images if the card is an image. 

7. Click on the Proceed button. 

8. Double-check your transaction on the summary page and read the trade terms. Click on Submit, and that’s it. 

It’ll take about 5 to 10 minutes for the transaction to be completed. To learn more about how to sell gift cards on Cardtonic, check out the video below:

Why Trade Your Visa Gift Cards For Cash On Cardtonic

Trading your Visa gift cards for cash is a smart way to unlock the remaining value on those cards. Cardtonic offers a secure and convenient platform to do just that, providing several compelling benefits:

1. Excellent Rates: Cardtonic offers competitive rates for trading in your Visa gift cards, ensuring you receive maximum value for your remaining balance. 

2. Secure Platform: Cardtonic prioritizes the security and confidentiality of your transactions, providing you with a safe and trustworthy environment to trade your Visa gift cards for cash.

3. Swift Payment: With Cardtonic, you can expect prompt payment processing once your gift card trade is verified and approved. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Converting Visa Gift Card To Cash

1. How Can I Check My Visa Gift Card Balance?

To check the balance on your Visa gift card, you can visit the card issuer’s website or call the customer service number provided on the back of the card. 

Most issuers offer online balance-checking tools or automated phone systems where you can enter your card details (card number, expiration date, and security code) to retrieve the remaining balance.

2. Can I Transfer Money From My Visa Gift Card To My Bank Account?

Unfortunately, you cannot directly transfer funds from a Visa gift card to a bank account. However, there is a workaround. You can sell the gift card for cash on Cardtonic, and you can then have the cash sent to your bank account.

3. Can I link My Visa Gift Card To Cash App?

No, it is not possible to directly link a Visa gift card to the Cash App. Cash App requires linking a bank account or debit card. However, you can indirectly access the funds on your Visa gift card by selling it for cash on Cardtonic and having the cash transferred to your bank account, which can then be linked to your Cash App.

4. Can You Put Visa Gift Cards On Apple Pay?

Yes, you can add Visa gift cards to Apple Pay to make contactless payments from your compatible Apple device. However, some gift card issuers may not support this feature, and you need to have the physical Visa gift card present to add it to Apple Pay, as e-gift card codes cannot be directly added.


Visa gift cards offer convenience and flexibility when it comes to making purchases, but there may be times when you need to access the funds in the form of cash.

Whether you have an unused balance or prefer the versatility of cash, converting your Visa gift card into cash can be a valuable solution. By using Cardtonic, you can seamlessly sell your Visa gift cards and receive instant cash payouts.

Don’t let your Visa gift card balance go to waste. Download the Cardtonic app today from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to get started on converting your gift cards into cash quickly and easily.

You can get started with Cardtonic below: 




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