Sell GooglePlay Gift Card In Nigeria & Earn Rewards

Google is a worldwide organization that specializes in Internet-related services such as cloud computing, online advertisement, software, and hardware. 

Now, one of the many products includes Google Play – a digital media store that provides different running products and services available on the Android Operating System. 


So… What is the Google Play Gift Card?

The Google Play Card is a prepaid card loaded with a specific amount of money and used to buy products on the Google Play Store. Some of these products include Music, books, applications, and more. 

The Google play card comes in different values and forms and must be activated before you use them just like any other gift card. They exist in two forms – the physical cards and the ecodes. 

The Physical card is a plastic card you buy from a physical store such as Walmart, Target, BestBuy, CVS Pharmacy, etc.

While the Ecodes are Google Play gift card email delivery codes bought online and sent to your email address or phone number. 

Where To Redeem Google Play Gift Card For Cash In Nigeria?

If you would love to trade Google Play gift card online, probably because you have one with no intention of using it for personal purposes, you can exchange the Google card for cash using the Cardtonic platform.






Now, I believe the question that comes to your mind is:

What Is the Best Rates For Google Play Card In Nigeria?

The price varies, as it depends on some factors like country, form, and market demand. On average, the price of a $100 Google Play gift card in Nigeria in 2022 is within the range of 30,000 to 50,000 naira.

If you would like to know the rate in real-time, use the gift card rate checker provided by Cardtonic.


How Do You Recognize Google Play Gift Card? 

Here are some ways to recognize a Google play Gift Card: 

  1. You will always find “Google Play” and the “Logo” on all Google Play physical cards. The codes are a mixture of alphabet and numbers and are mostly 16 or 20 digits.
  2. The codes are mixed with both letters and numbers.
  3. To identify the country, the currency can be found on the card. Also, the country initials are mostly found in the web address located in the “terms and conditions” section at the back of the card (For example, The “us” shows card is a U.S card.

    Other country initials are “au” for Australia, “de” for Germany, “mx” for Mexico although we do not accept Mexican gift cards. For UK cards, there’s always this sentence in the terms and condition section, “GOOGLE COMMERCE LIMITED UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED”. This sentence is only found on UK google play cards.
  4. Canada cards are normally written in both English and French language.
  5. Most google play cards have 16digit codes. Although some have up to 20 digits.


How do you check Googleplay balance? 

You can know if the Google play gift card is used or not on the Google Play Store site. Once the site opens, you’ll see “redeem” on the dashboard. Click on the redeem and input the code of the card. If the card is good, the balance will immediately appear. If the card is bad, it will give the proper rejection information which you can simply use to reject the trade without sending it to the partner.


Error Prompts Associated with Redeeming Google Play gift card

Below are some error prompts you might receive about your card

  1. “We need more info to Redeem this card”: This error prompt is common, but the cause is still unknown. When you receive this prompt, it does not mean that your card has been redeemed. You should visit the store you purchased it from and inform them of the error prompt.
  2. “Your code could not be redeemed”: This error prompt happens when your Google Play card is not activated. Kindly visit the store where you bought it.
  3. “The code you entered had already been redeemed on a different account”: This is not an error prompt. Your card was probably taken and used. Report this to Google Play support and the store you purchased it. 

You can resolve these error prompts, however, purchasing your Google Play gift vouchers from approved stores will decrease the event.

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