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Vanilla Gift Card Error Messages And Solutions 

Vanilla is a financial service company that provides personalized branded gift cards to major payment companies. They partner with payment brands to offer gift cards to their customers, just like Visa and MasterCard. Vanilla gift cards are digital assets loaded with a specific amount of money. And can be used to purchase items anywhere vanilla is accepted as a means of payment. 

One good thing about this gift card is that it does not operate like the others. Vanilla gift cards are not restricted to a single brand. They have various collaborations. This means your range of shopping is endless. Because this gift card is very resourceful, it is important to understand how to fix any error that may occur while redeeming it. 

Possible Vanilla Gift Card Errors and How To Fix Them  

1. Unable To Query or Check Balance: 

Vanilla gift card system error screenshot
Vanilla gift card system error screenshot

The “Unable to Query or Check balance” error message usually occurs after you have inputted an invalid code or your gift card has not been properly activated. The first thing you need to do is to carefully retype the details of your gift card and if that doesn’t seem to work, return to the store of purchase and ask for proper activation.

2. Status on hold:

The “Status on hold” error message means the balance on your gift card is frozen and the active status has been revoked. It happens when the gift card is under review for reasons such as reported stolen, etc. It is best to contact Vanilla with your gift card details to properly clarify this issue. 

3. Gift Card Damaged:

Vanilla gift card error screenshot
Vanilla gift card error screenshot

Contact vanilla support immediately if you receive the “Gift Card Damaged” error, as the balance cannot be deducted. It would be fixed, or you would receive a replacement.

The Vanilla gift card can be your key to a complete shopping experience. Errors can be inevitable sometimes. This is why it is better to be prepared and ready for anything. 

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