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Sell Macy’s Gift Card In Nigeria & Ghana

Macy’s gift card is a preloaded digital asset created by Macy’s to provide an alternative method of payment for items at the brand. Items such as; clothing, footwear, furniture, bedding, etc. This digital asset takes the term convenience shopping to a whole different level. 

Asides from being the perfect alternative for cash or debit/credit cards at the brand, Macy’s gift cards also have really good resale rates in Nigeria. Especially when sold on the right platform. This is why I would be providing you with an answer to the question, “Where Can I Sell My Macy’s Gift Card in Nigeria? ”

So, What Are Macy’s Gift Cards?

Macy’s gift cards are digital assets preloaded with a specific sum of money, which when redeemed can be used to buy footwear, clothing, furniture, etc. 

The Macy’s brand has over 500 physical locations and an active website, so there are more than enough places to redeem this gift card. There are two types of Macy’s gift cards, physical and E-code.

1. Physical Macy’s Gift Cards: The physical version of this gift card are plastic and branded with the Macy’s logo. They can be purchased either on their website or at physical stores such as; CVS Pharmacy, Walmart, BestBuy, Walgreens, etc. Common price values for physical Macy’s cards are 20, 50, and 100. 

2. Macy’s Electronic Codes: They come in digital format, and they are codes bought online and sent to your email address or phone number. Common price values for physical Macy’s cards are 20, 50, and 100.

Read further to see the difference between physical and e-codes.

Where To Sell Macy’s Gift Cards For Naira In Nigeria?

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The best place to sell Macy’s cards for cash in Nigeria at high gift card rates is Cardtonic.com.

If you received this gift card during your special occasion, or as a means of payment, and you are looking for where to resell it for cash, you might have been asking yourself “Where Can I Sell My Macy’s Gift Card in Nigeria? ” Although there are many online platforms to perform this activity, the best place to sell your Macy’s gift card for cash in Nigeria is Cardtonic. 

Cardtonic is a modern-day gift card exchange platform that allows you to sell not only Macy’s but every other type of gift card for cash on our application within minutes!

You can get started with Cardtonic below: 




How To Trade Macy’s Gift Card On Cardtonic

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Find below the step-by-step guide to exchanging Macy’s gift card for cash on Cardtonic:

1. Firstly, download the application or register on the Cardtonic website.

2. Once you are logged in, click on “SELL GIFT CARDS”.

3. On the transaction page, select MACY’S as the category

4.. Then select the type of Macy’s card. For example, USA Macy Gift Card (100-400) 

5. Input the amount of your gift card, e.g. 100 

6. Upload your gift card pictures or enter the code. 

Finally, you can submit the transactionIt’ll take about 5 minutes for the transaction to be completed. You can watch the video below to learn more about how to sell gift cards on Cardtonic.

How Much Do I Get For My Macy’s Gift Card?

As of March 2023, the price of a $100 Macy’s gift card in Nigeria is within the range of 40,000 – 47,000 Naira. The E-code version of this card goes from 20,000 – 30,000 Naira.


How much is a $10 Macy’s card 4600

How much for a $20 Macy’s card 9200

The $50 Macy’s card is 23000

How much for a $100 Macy’s card 46000

How much is a $200 Macy’s card 92000

The $300 Macy’s card is 138000

How much for a $400 Macy’s card 184000

 If you want to know the rate in real time, use the gift card rate checker provided by Cardtonic.

How Can You Identify a Macy’s Gift Card Picture Or Code?

  Some of the other unique features are;

  1. The codes are mixed with both letters and numbers.
  2. Most Macy’s cards have ten alphanumeric codes.
  3. You can often identify the country through the text on the back of the card. 

Error Prompts Associated With Macy’s Gift Cards

You might encounter some errors when you try to redeem a Macy’s gift card. Here are some of them below:

1. Code not found, Invalid code:

The “Code not found, invalid code’” error message can occur when the wrong digits are inputted when redeeming this digital asset. Carefully re-input the details of your gift card and try again.

2. Not Activated:

You need to take your gift card back to the store of purchase if you get the Not activated error message. 

Which Stores Can I Buy Macy’s Gift Cards From? 

If you’re looking to buy a Macy’s gift card, you may be wondering where you can find them. Fortunately, Macy’s gift cards are available and can be purchased both online and in-store from a variety of retailers.

Where to buy Macy’s gift cards online: You can buy the Macy’s gift card from the official website, Cardtonic, amazon, best buy, and GameStop. These retailers offer both physical and digital gift cards, making it easy to purchase and send a gift card to someone else.

Where to buy Macy’s gift cards offline: Walmart, CVS, Target, Walgreens, Micro Center, and Lowes. Visit the gift card section of the store and look for the Macy’s gift card option.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to buy a Macy’s gift card, listed above are several options available to you.

What is a Macy’s Gift Card Used For?

Macy’s gift cards are used to buy clothing, footwear, furniture, software, and other items sold at the brand.

They can be used only on the Macy’s website or physical location. 

How Can I Activate Macy’s, Gift Card?

To activate your Macy’s gift card; head to the Macy’s credit card page, click on activate the card, and then go to the verification page.  

  1. Go to the ” My Macy’s Credit Card ” page
  2. Click on the black “Activate Card” button
  3. On the “Macy’s Credit Card Verification” page, you can submit your information to activate your card so you may begin shopping!

How Can I Check My Macy’s Gift Card Balance?

You can check your Macy’s gift card Online or in person.

Checking Online

  1. Head to the gift card balance site on your browser.
  2. Input your Card details 
  3. Click the “View Balance” icon.

Checking Your Balance in Person 

When you get to the counter, give the cashier your gift card as your mode of payment and kindly request for them to check your balance before processing payment. If your balance is not up to your purchases, you can pay the rest either with a debit/credit card. 


Now you can be fully confident that selling your Macy’s gift card is 100% possible in Nigeria. Cardtonic remains the best site to sell gift cards in Nigeria. Feel free to check out other gift cards we accept. 


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