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How Much the $200 Razer Gold Gift Card is worth in Nigeria Today

Razer incorporation is a multinational tech company that is popularly known for the creation, development, and sale of gaming hardware and software. 

Their gift cards serve as credits that can be used to purchase games on the platform. When activated, this gift card is not only an effective means of payment on razer but also a more convenient method to access games on the platform. 

Almost every gamer across the globe knows about this gift card, due to the positive nature of the platform. It would also surprise you to know that a handful of nongamers know and want this gift card also. 

Why The Razer Gold Gift Card is Popular 

The razer gold gift card became a popular digital asset for many reasons. One of the most common factors includes; 

1. The Razer platform has a strong online presence: A major reason why users buy this gift card is because of Razer’s online presence. The platform has made it very convenient for its users to be able to shop and pay for as many games as they want without even leaving the comfort of their homes. 

2. They Are Efficient: Core gamers enjoy this digital asset because the razer platform can confidently brag about having over a thousand video games across different categories. Meaning a razer gold gift card owner would be fully occupied with options. 

3. They Do Not Expire: This is a general benefit for all users. Nobody wants a digital asset that might expire in the next coming years. Especially if you have not gotten around to redeeming it. 

 4. Good Resale Rate: One thing you may or may not know is the fact that the Razer gold gift card has a really good resale rate. Because this gift card is so popular, there is a lot of demand for it. And this demand increases the resale value of the digital asset. 

Where Can I Resell My Razer Gold Gift Card in Nigeria? 

To get the best value for your gift card, your best option would be Cardtonic. This is a Nigerian-based gift card exchange platform that boasts of over 500 thousand successful transactions, an easy-to-navigate trading platform, and reliable customer service. 

How Much Your $200 Razer Gold Gift Card is worth in Naira 

The current amount of a $200 Razer Gold gift card is 87,000 Naira. Because the current rate is 435/1$. However, it is important to note that this rate is not constant. This is why it’ll be wise to use the rate calculator feature on the Cardtonic platform before every trade to know the exact value you’d be getting in Naira for all your trades 


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