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How To Buy A Laptop Online In 2024 

In today’s digital age, almost every job, project, or task requires a laptop. It will be extremely hard to navigate your life without one. With a plethora of options and expensive prices, selecting a laptop can become daunting.

This article aims to aid that decision and teach you how to buy laptops online. 

6 Steps To Take Before Buying A Laptop Online

Before you buy a laptop, you need to determine your needs, set a budget, research specifications, read reviews, compare prices, and check return policies. 

Buy laptop In 2024

1. Determine Your Needs: 

Everyone has a reason for wanting to own a laptop; what is yours? Is it for school, work, gaming, casual use, or all of the above?

This will help you determine the type of storage, processing power, screen size and battery life you will need.

2. Set a Budget: 

Establish a clear budget. This helps narrow down your options and prevents time wasting and overspending.

3. Research Specifications: 

Learn about the specifications needed for your intended use. For example, gamers might prioritise graphics and memory when choosing a laptop, while a corporate user may need a reliable processor and long battery life.

4. Read Reviews: 

Look for reviews from multiple sources to gauge the performance and reliability of the laptop models you are interested in.

5. Compare Prices: 

It is important to do your own research on various sites to ensure that you are getting the best deal for your laptop.

However, be careful when seeking affordable prices; if it’s too good to be true, it may just mean it’s not true.

6. Check Return Policies: 

Ensure the retailer has a clear and fair return policy in case the laptop doesn’t meet your expectations.

Top 4 Places To Buy A Laptop Online In 2024

The best four sites to buy laptops online are Cardtonic, Amazon, Best Buy and Facebook Marketplace.

1. Cardtonic:

Cardtonic is the best place to buy gadgets, including laptops, online. Cardtonic is popularly known for being the leading gift card exchange platform in Nigeria and Ghana.

Now, we have expanded and created more possibilities. One of these includes the “buy gadget” feature. On Cardtonic, you have a plethora of laptop options, affordable rates, quick delivery and, most importantly, security.  


How To Buy A Laptop on Cardtonic 

Buying a laptop on Cardtonic is easy. All you need to do is download the Cardtonic application from your designated App Store, register on the platform, open the Cardtonic application, click on “Just Gadgets,” tap the “New Laptops” icon, select your desired laptop, click on buy now, tap purchase, enter your delivery details and phone number, and then confirm your purchase with your four-digit PIN. 

1. Open the Cardtonic app.

2. Click on the “Just Gadgets” icon.

3. Tap the “New Laptops” or “Used Laptops” icon.

4. Select your desired laptop. 

5. Click on “Buy Now”.

6. Tap Purchase.

7. Enter your delivery details and a phone number.

8. Confirm the purchase by entering your four-digit PIN.

2. Amazon:

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce sites in the world. It is popularly referred to as the “Everything Store” because you can buy almost everything from here, including laptops.

Simply head to the Amazon site and shop away.

3. Best Buy:

Similar to Amazon, Best Buy is a well-known electronics retailer that offers a wide range of laptops.

If you reside in America, this is one of the first places to look for laptops online.

4. Facebook Marketplace:

Facebook Marketplace is another hidden gem where you can buy laptops online. As the name implies, you are able to negotiate with a seller on the price and other laptop accessories they may be offering.

You will majorly see used laptops here and bargaining might be a bit tedious. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Laptops Online

1. What Are The 3 Best Laptop Models? 

Laptops vary based on the needs of the owner. They are not all made to perform the same functions. Some are made with affordability in mind, some portability, durability and many more. However, personally, I will say the top 3 best laptop models currently are Macbook, Dell and HP.

2. How Much Do You Need For A Laptop?

If you are buying a laptop in Nigeria, you should budget about 200,000 – 3,000,000 naira, depending on the laptop you want to get.

3. Where Is The Best Place To Buy Laptops Online In Nigeria Or Ghana?

If you’re looking for the best place to buy laptops online in Nigeria or Ghana, Cardtonic is your go-to option. Cardtonic offers competitive prices for authentic gadgets and ensures you receive your laptop within a few days.


Buying a laptop online can be a seamless experience if you follow the right steps and choose reputable platforms. Cardtonic, with its exceptional service and wide selection, stands out as the best choice.

However, Amazon, Best Buy, and Facebook Marketplace also offer excellent alternatives, each with unique features that cater to different needs.

By researching and comparing options, you can find the perfect laptop that meets your requirements and budget.


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