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5 Gift Cards You Cannot Use In Nigeria Or Ghana

Gift cards are a great way to get someone exactly what they want for the holidays. But not all gift cards are created equal, and you cannot use all of them in certain places.

In Nigeria, a handful of gift card brands can’t be used in the country because their use is location specific. This means that a STEM UK card cannot be used in the USA, and Vice versa.

If you’re considering giving someone a gift card, make sure it’s one of the brands that can be used in Nigeria. Doing otherwise will see you giving a present that is not useful. But if you end up being on the receiving end, do not worry. We have something for you.

But first, let’s take a look at some of the gift cards that cannot be used directly from Nigeria.

5 Gift Cards That Cannot Be Used In Nigeria Or Ghana

The five gift cards you cannot use in Nigeria or Ghana are Gamestop gift cards, Best Buy gift cards, Disney Store gift cards, Sephora gift cards, and Starbucks gift cards.

1. GameStop Gift Cards

Gamestop gift cards are precious. They allow users access to various items and can save you money in discounts. 

However, these cards can’t be used in Nigeria because they can only be redeemed at GameStop stores or online at gamestop.com. This is not a good idea if you use them as an alternative to cash. Either as a gift or form of payment, you will need to find an option. If you receive a Gamestop card, the only alternative is to trade it for a card you can use in Nigeria or sell it in exchange for cash. 

2. Best Buy Gift Cards

Like GameStop gift cards, Best Buy gift cards can only be used at Best Buy stores or online at their stores. Despite being a great alternative to cash, you might have to opt for an option if you plan to own a Best Buy gift card in Nigeria

3. Disney Store Gift Cards

This one is particularly frustrating because Disney has a ton of movies, shows and toys that would sell well here in Nigeria. This is especially since most Nigerians love Disney princesses. It’s also worth noting that these cards aren’t accepted by any other brand of Disney store. It could be a better gift if you give these gift cards to someone not based in Nigeria.

4. Sephora Gift Cards 

You may be surprised to see this one on the list because Sephora is one of Nigeria’s most popular beauty brands. Unfortunately, other stores or brands don’t accept Sephora gift cards. You can only use your Sephora gift card if you’re buying from their website or in-store. This makes it a bit of a hassle because Sephora products are a favourite of many Nigerians. With the festivities coming and a lot of demand from the ladies, many will find it challenging to use this gift card in Nigeria, given the absence of an offline store.

5. Starbucks Gift Cards 

If you fantasise about sipping Starbucks coffee, courtesy of your gift card, sorry to be a bearer of bad news. There are no Starbucks outlets in this part of the world, so you cannot use their gift card here.

Despite being one of the largest markets in Africa, neither Nigeria nor Ghana have a Starbucks outlet that allows users to get and use a Starbucks gift card. This means that if you possess one, you are on your own. Unless you trade it on a gift card platform that accepts the Starbucks gift card or you plan to give it to someone in the diaspora like the USA, Canada or the UK.

What do you do when you can’t use a gift card?

When you cannot use a gift card in Nigeria, the best solution is to trade it for cash, or another you can use.

With the economic environment in Nigeria, not the most favourable to gift card exchange, trading one’s gift card for cash is the best option.

When you cannot use your gift card, it is best to trade it on a platform like Cardtonic. If your gift card is listed, you get a good rate.

There are several reasons why Cardtonic is the best option to trade a gift card you cannot use.

  1. It is a safe platform that uses state-of-the-art technology to secure transactions and ensure users are guaranteed safety in their wallets.
  2. It has dedicated customer support that responds to your feedback and assists with any issues.
  3. Cardtonic gives the best gift card exchange rates in Nigeria.
  4. The payout is one of the fastest in Africa.


The safest option if you ever receive a gift card you cannot use, is to trade it on Cardtonic. You get the best rates and value for your gift card.


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