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10 Best Gift Cards with Highest Resale Value In Nigeria 2024

It’s important that you are aware of the gift cards with the highest rates in Nigeria. As much as it is important that you are aware of the best site to sell gift cards in Nigeria, which is CARDTONIC.




Why Should You Care About The Gift Cards With Highest Rates?

Statistics say billions of gift cards go to waste every year. In fact, according to Forbes, a lot of businesses issue gift cards because they are fully aware that a good percentage of the issued gift cards they sell will never be used.

Last year, Nordstrom, an online beauty store, made $105M from gift card breakage, which is an industry term for unused gift cards. Some gift cards will be misplaced, some will get thrown away and some will just be forgotten. In every case, unredeemed gift cards represent additional profit for the company that issued them.

With that said, why do you have lose money to gift card issuers when you can just sell gift cards you don’t need using gift card trading apps like CARDTONIC?

In short, it’s important to make the general public aware that their unused gift cards are valuable. And some of them are more valuable than others. So, if you ever receive a steam gift card and you do not feel like playing games, not to worry, your steam gift card, as long as it is unused, has some value, and listed below are some of the most expensive gift cards in 2022.

Need to mention that in case you ever get in possession of a gift card and you need to exchange it for cash, feel free to register on Cardtonic, we offer the best gift card rates. Conclusively, too much words will not fill a basket, here are the best types of gift cards that are highly demanded and highly valued in terms of rate:

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Which Gift Cards Have The Highest Rates In Nigeria – Top 10 List

The top 10 gift cards with the highest resale rates in Nigeria right now are:

  1. Apple Gift Card
  2. Amazon Gift Card
  3. Google Play Gift Card
  4. Steam Gift Card
  5. Razer Gold Gift Card
  6. eBay Gift Card
  7. Sephora Gift Card
  8. American Express AMEX Gift Card
  9. Nordstrom Gift Card
  10. Nike Gift Card


1. iTunes / Apple Gift Card:

An iTunes gift card is a pre-purchased credit for Apple’s iTunes store. The iTunes store is Apple’s media and software marketplace, which is where you can buy music, movies, apps, and more. Apple Store gift cards are pre-loaded cards used for the purchase of goods and services on the Apple Store.

Until recently, Apple and iTunes used to be different, but they were later merged and are now referred to as Apple Universal. This means apple universal gift cards will work on iTunes/Apple Music and for apple product purchases.

Apple gift cards are readily available for purchase in Nigeria, and even one of the most important since many Nigerians opt for Apple gift cards to make purchases on apple music.

The rate of Apple gift cards when selling in Nigeria at the moment can be up to 700 Naira per dollar. And the price when buying can be up to 800 Naira per dollar.

2. Amazon Gift Card:

Amazon gift cards are used to purchase kindly content, digital music, Amazon video, or to buy items on the Amazon website.

Also, the exchange rate of Amazon gift cards varies, depending on the type, receipt, and time of the year (there is more Amazon purchase towards the end of the year, so the rate is generally higher around this time).

When dealing with Amazon gift cards, you need to understand the difference between Amazon gift card receipts and why certain receipt like cash receipt has a higher value than others.

When selling an Amazon gift card with a cash receipt, the rate can be up to 85% of the face value.

3. Google Play Gift Card:

Google Play gift card gives you the best the digital world has to offer. It can be used to purchase apps, games, music, movies, TV shows and more on the Google Play store.

It can be obtained in physical form or delivered digitally to your e-mail. You can get an average of 85% back on your Google Play Gift Card. Before you sell google play card, it would be wise to check the rates from time to time as they vary always, you can use the gift card rate checker on Cardtonic.

4. Steam Gift Card:

Steam gift cards work just like a gift certificate while Steam wallet codes work just like a game activation code both of which can be redeemed on Steam platform for purchasing software, games, and steam wallet credits.

Considering that steam is specifically for gaming, and there are a lot of gamers in the world, which means there’s high demand for the gift card and that proportionally means it almost has the highest gift card rate in Nigeria and Ghana. You can get as high as 90% cash back on your steam gift card when you trade on Cardtonic.

You can click here to learn more about selling Steam gift card in Nigeria.

5. Razer Gold Gift Card:

Razer Gold is a popular virtual currency used by gamers to purchase games, similar to Steam. If you have an unused Razer Gold gift card, instead of discarding it, you may consider selling it to someone who would find it valuable.

Razer Gold gift cards, created by Razer, act as virtual credits that can be redeemed for purchasing digital products on the Razer platform. With over 2,000 games and entertainment options available on Razer, these gift cards provide a convenient alternative payment method.

Right now, in Nigeria, the price of a $100 Razer Gold gift card ranges from 70,000 to 100,000 Naira. Similarly, a $200 Razer Gold gift card is priced at around 200,000 Naira. It’s important to note that the selling price of Razer Gold gift cards can vary based on factors such as country, physical or electronic form, and market demand.

6. eBay Gift Card:

Ebay gift cards can be used to shop for millions of items in Electronics, Toys, Motors, Fashion, Home & Garden, Art, Collectibles, Sporting Goods and everything in-between. EBay gift cards can also be used to pay for items listed on eBay.com when you pay with PayPal. Also, EBay gift cards may be redeemed to cover all or part of the cost of any item purchased through the website.

Generally, ecommerce gift cards are in high demand as they are used by dropshippers and wholesale buyers, which makes ebay gift card one of the most expensive gift cards in Nigeria. You can get as high as 85% cash back on your ebay gift card.

7. Sephora Gift Card:

Sephora gift cards are used as an alternative payment method to buy products from Sephora and partner platforms, both online using the website and at physical outlets and stores. You can get up to 85% cash back when you exchange your sephora gift card for cash.

8. American Express AMEX Gift Card:

Amex gift cards, like other gift cards, are digital assets issued by AMEX. They come with a fixed monetary value and can be used to pay for items anywhere AMEX is accepted. But it is a bit different from other gift cards in the sense that it is not solely restricted to a specific brand. You can use the same American Express gift card on different websites as long as they accept AMEX as a payment method.

At the moment, the rate of AMEX gift card on Cardtonic is as high as 85% of the value of the gift card. And it can go above that during festive periods.

9. Nordstrom Gift Card:

Nordstrom is an upscale American store that sells a wide range of products like clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, accessories, makeup, and perfumes. It started as a shoe store but now offers many other items.

Nordstrom gift cards are like prepaid cards that you can use instead of cash to buy things from Nordstrom’s online stores or physical locations.

As of June 2023, in Nigeria, a $100 Nordstrom gift card is priced between 65,000 and 95,000 Naira.

10. Nike Gift Card:

Nike is a big American company that makes and sells shoes, clothes, equipment, and other things all around the world.

Nike gift cards are like special cards with money stored on them. You can use these cards to pay for Nike stuff instead of using cash.

If you have a Nike gift card that you don’t want, you can trade it for money using Cardtonic. As of June 2023, on Cardtonic, a $100 Nike gift card can be sold for around 55,000 to 85,000 naira.

Frequently Asked Questions About Highest Rates Gift Cards

1. In One Sentence, Which Gift Card Has The Highest Resale Value in Nigeria?

The gift card with the highest resale value is the Physical USA Razer Gold gift card, which has a rate of 1200/$1 to 1500/$1.

2. What is The Best Gift Card Exchange Platform in Nigeria?

Cardtonic is the best gift card exchange platform in Nigeria. We are a secure platform that offers you the best rates in the market and guarantees fast transactions, 24/7.

3. How Can I Know The Gift Card Rates With The Highest Resale Value?

The easiest way to keep up with the gift card rates at any time of the day is by using the rate calculator feature on the Cardtonic website. This calculator is updated multiple times a day so you can be confident that any rate you see there is updated.

4. What Are the Top-Selling Google Play Gift Cards in Nigeria?

The United Kingdom Google Play gift card is currently the top-selling Google Play gift card in Nigeria today. You can sell your Physical United Kingdom Google Play gift card on Cardtonic for up to 600/£1.

In Conclusion…

Other notable popular mentions include razer gold gift card, vanilla, visa and footlocker gift card.

Having been shown gift cards in high demand and their value, the issue on the front burner is the best place to sell gift cards in Nigeria. Of a truth, one in possession of a gift card without having use for it and without knowing the best platform is as good as not having any at all.

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