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Which Gift Card Has The Highest Rate in Nigeria Today?- November 28, 2023

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Reselling gift cards have become a norm in Nigeria. Thousands of people sell their gift cards for cash daily, and many more people are also trying to get into it. If you fall into the latter category and you are trying to figure out the gift cards that can be sold for the highest rate in Nigeria, you have come to the right place.

Either for extra income or to feed your curiosity, it is always important to know the gift card with the highest rate in Nigeria, so you can be informed before making any decisions.

Before you can know which gift card has the highest rate now, you have to understand the factors that affect and determine these gift card rates. 

What Determines a Gift Card Rate?

There are 3 major determinants of gift card rates. These are; the demand for the gift card, the type of gift card, and the gift card trading platform. 

1. Demand For a Gift Card: One of the foremost things we all learned in economics is demand and supply. Unlike those annoying math equations you might still not have found relevance for in your life today, demand and supply would forever be useful.

The demand for a gift card has a direct impact on its rate. The higher the demand for a gift card, the higher the resale rate. (Because people are willing to pay more for something they need), and the lower the demand for a gift card, the lower the gift card rate. 

2. Type of Gift Card: The type of gift card is another important factor in a gift card rate. The brand of the gift card, the currency, the amount, and the form. Some brands are more popular than others hence higher rates. 

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3. The Gift Card Trading Platform: The platform you sell your gift card on has the final say. Although the aforementioned points matter, this is the deciding factor. A greedy gift card exchange platform can give you the lowest selling rate possible to maximize profit. This is why I recommend you use a customer-oriented platform to sell your gift cards for cash. 

Which Gift Card Has The Highest Rate in Nigeria?

The gift card with the highest rate in Nigeria today November 28, 2023 is the UK Steam physical gift card with a whopping rate of 695/£ to 750/£. This is over 75% cash back from the original value of the gift card, which is highly impressive due to the inflation in the country. 

What Are Some Gift Cards With High Rates Today? 

Asides from the physical UK Steam gift card, there are a couple of other gift cards with really good resale rates in Nigeria currently. Such as; the UK Steam ecode, CHF Steam physical, Euro Steam physical, USA Apple/iTunes physical, and the CHF Steam ecode.

Below is a list of gift card rates;

 Sub Category                                                                Rate 

  1. UK Steam Gift Card Ecode                             645
  2. CHF Google Play Gift Card                            620
  3. Euro Steam Physical                                         615
  4.  USA Apple/iTunes Physical                         600
  5. CHF Steam Ecode                                             570

You can only get such exciting rates on cardtonic. 

What Gift Card Trading Platform Can I Get The Highest Gift Card Rate?

The best place to sell or buy gift cards in Nigeria is Cardtonic. We are a secure modern-day gift card exchange platform that offers the country’s highest gift card rates with fast payouts. 

Now that you know the platform that constantly works in your interest, you can then proceed to understand the gift card with the highest resale value in Nigeria today.


Gift cards have become widely accepted in Nigeria. Whether for personal use, as a gift for loved ones, or, most importantly, to be resold for cash, there is always a way this digital asset can be of use to you. One of the few things you need to learn about gift card trading in Nigeria is understanding the rates of gift cards, especially as a beginner.

Once you know the factors that affect gift card rates, like the demand, type of gift card, and the platform you are selling them on, it would be much easier for you to know if you are getting a good deal for your gift card or if it is being undervalued. For secure, quick, and financially beneficial trades, I recommend you sell your gift cards for cash on Cardtonic.

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