We all know Amazon as one of the foremost multinational technology companies in America, they focus on various aspects mainly; cloud computing, digital streaming, artificial intelligence, etc.

It is their versatility that allows them to cut across various consumers, regardless of their occupation, gender, and interests. This gave way for the Amazon gift card to become widely accepted and used. If you are not so sure what the Amazon gift card means, I would get you up to speed before showing you how to check your balance. 

What is an Amazon Gift Card and What is it Used For?

Amazon operates both online and at various physical stores around the world. To purchase the items, you need money. These days, money comes in multiple forms, the Amazon gift card is a digital asset, which serves as money at Amazon, and can be used to make Payments at the brand. 

The physical form of this digital asset looks just like a regular debit card, and also operates the same way. You can spend as much as your balance allows you to. This is why it is vital to know how you can keep track of your balance. 

Why Is it Important I Check My Amazon Gift Card Balance?

Unlike regular Debit Cards, no ATM exists for you to slot in your Amazon gift card and see the balance. Other than being informed, it avoids embarrassment. Nobody wants a scenario, where their balance is not sufficient enough to pay for their items, especially at a physical store. 

With knowledge of your gift card balance, you would avoid such situations. It also gives you an opportunity to check for yourself, to see if your card is still untouched and if there is a possibility for resale

How Can I Check My Amazon Gift Card Balance?

It is pretty easy, all you need to do is; 

  1. Go to Your Amazon Account.
  2. When you select “Gift cards” you would see the balance.

How To Redeem Your Amazon Gift Card Online

After figuring out your balance, you can go ahead and redeem it

  1.  Sign in to your Amazon account
  2.  Once you spot items you like, add them to your cart.
  3.  Proceed to checkout when you are done shopping.
  4. On the payments method page, click on “Gift Cards'” and enter the claim code.
  5.  When you tap the “Apply” button the balance of your gift card would offset the amount of your purchase. Meaning if the balance of your gift card is higher than your purchase, you would still have change left on your balance. However, if it is less, you would have to include another method of payment to cover the balance.

Only good things can come from knowing the balance of your gift card. In the absence of any issues with your Amazon gift card, you would have a great time redeeming your digital asset. 

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