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How Much Is $100 Amazon Gift Card In Nigerian Naira

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Amazon has become very popular in recent times, even in countries like Nigeria, which will make you wonder how much a $100 amazon gift card is worth in Naira. Amazon (as a platform) is known for selling a wide range of products. From electronics to clothing items, stationaries and pretty much anything you can think of, Amazon is known as “The Everything Store”. 

There are different ways to make payments for the purchase of goods on Amazon but one of the most convenient ways is to use an Amazon gift card. 

What is an Amazon Gift Card?

A gift card is a prepaid card used to purchase goods and services from stores and other places they are accepted. These cards act as an alternative means of payment for products and services, and they are loaded with a specific amount of money and are used just like regular bank cards.

An Amazon gift card is a prepaid debit card topped up with money and can be used to purchase items from the Amazon website and physical retail stores.

The Amazon gift voucher comes in both physical and electronic forms. The physical cards are the plastic cards you need to scratch or peel to reveal the code, while the electronic, also known as an E-code, is an electronic gift cards sent to your provided email address after purchase. 

Some Features Of Amazon Gift Cards

  1. Amazon gift cards never expire, and they charge zero fees.
  2. The Amazon card comes in various designs and denominations. 
  3. You can schedule the delivery of gift cards by email up to a year in advance.
  4. Amazon gift cards cannot be refunded.
  5. Gift Cards can only be redeemed on and other related sites, as specified in the Amazon Gift Card Terms and Conditions.


How Is Amazon Gift Card Rate Determined?

Many things affect the rate of amazon gift cards, but three major factors stand out. They are:

  • The Type Gift Card: 

The type of gift card you have affects the rate of the card. Specifications such as the form (physical or E-code) and the amount on the card. Regarding the voucher form, physical cards usually have a higher resale value than E-gift cards.

  • The Demand Of The Gift Card: 

The higher the demand for the card, that is, the more people want the card, the higher the card’s value, which leads to a higher resale value.

  • Gift Card Trading Platform: 

Different trading platforms offer varying rates, which also determines the rate you’ll see.

How Much is a 100 Dollar Amazon Gift Card In Nigerian Naira

The $100 Amazon gift card currently has a current price of 660/$. This means you would get up to 66,000 Naira if you try to convert $100 amazon gift card to naira on Cardtonic today. 

To get the current rate of your gift card, you can use the gift card rate calculator. You only have to input four pieces of information- the type of gift card (physical or E-code), the category, the sub-category and the amount. All this information will be calculated, and the current rate will be displayed immediately.

amazon gift card cash receipt

An amazon gift card cash receipt

On Cardtonic, a $100 Amazon gift card’s price varies according to the payment method. The type of receipt used when purchasing the gift card has an effect on the price. You can check out the differences between amazon gift card receipts on our FAQs page. 

Usually, the USA Amazon cash receipt is always one of the highest regarding Amazon gift card rates. 

Where Can I Resell My Amazon Gift Card?

If you are looking for the best gift card exchange platform to sell Amazon gift cards, Cardtonic is the answer. 

With the best rates, Cardtonic is trusted by over 400,000 users in Nigeria. 

With the combination of mouthwatering rates, an easy-to-navigate trading app and website, and its super fast payout, you can sell your Amazon gift card for Naira in minutes.

Cardtonic is available in Nigeria and Ghana, and you can download the app on Android and IOS.


The popularity of the Amazon gift card and the brand itself makes it a well-sought-after gift card, and it is excellent for gifting. 

However, if you decide to resell it for cash, there are numerous gift card trading platforms out there. But with Cardtonic, you are guaranteed the best rates to get the most out of your card, a seamless trading experience and a super fast payout. 

Get started by downloading the app on Google Play Store or Apple App store.

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