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How To Redeem Your Amazon Gift Card 

Amazon is popularly known and accepted. The brand sells a wide range of products that meet the needs of almost everybody regardless of gender or preferences. They also deliver across the world. For example US, Europe, Asia, and even Africa. Their gift cards are an additional payment option, for all items on Amazon, and they come in different values and countries. These digital assets help in simplifying payment on Amazon, which makes it quite clear why a lot of people want to get their hands on one.

Before I inform you on how to redeem them, it is only fair to cover some basic prerequisites for you to properly get the hang of this gift card. 

Where To Buy Amazon Gift Cards 

Amazon gift cards can be purchased in several places. This is a good thing because it gives you the opportunity to decide your preferred method. You can get this gift card either on the Amazon website, at various convenience stores such as Walmart & eBay, and also online on 3rd party websites. The choice is yours. 

Another important thing you need to know is how to check the balance of your Amazon gift card

How Can I Check My Amazon Gift Card Balance?

To ensure you are on top of things and avoid any embarrassment, especially in a physical store, it is pertinent to know how to check your Amazon balance. 

This is pretty easy actually. What you need to do is; 

  1. Go to Your Account.
  2. Select Gift cards and view the balance on any of your Amazon.com Gift Cards.

Now to the good part;

How To Redeem Your Amazon Gift Card 

You can redeem your Amazon gift card in three ways. Either online, on the website, or by selling it for cash on a gift card exchange platform.  

1. How To Sell Your Amazon Gift Card On the Amazon Website 

Once you are done shopping, proceed to checkout.

  1. On the payment methods page, scroll down to the gift card option 
  2. Enter your gift card code 
  3. Then click “Apply” 

2. How To Sell Your Amazon Gift Card In-Store (Physical Redemption)

Redeeming your Amazon Gift Card at the store is pretty easy. When checking out, all you need to do is hand in your gift card to the cashier, once they input your code, the amount of your purchase would automatically be deducted from your gift card balance. 

3. How To Sell Your Amazon Gift Card For Cash :

Because this activity is performed outside Amazon, there are numerous places to sell your Amazon gift card for cash. However, to get the best rates on your Amazon gift cards, instant payments, and also security, the best place to sell your Amazon gift card for cash is Cardtonic.

You can do so by; 

1. Heading to the Cardtonic application or the Cardtonic website.

2. Select “Sell Gift Cards”

 3. Pick your Amazon gift card under the category. And the currency and type of receipt you have for the subcategory. 

 4. Input the amount of your gift card.

 5. Upload the gift card image(s). 

 6. Once completed, click the “Start Trade” button.


Amazon is a brand that prides itself in providing items that its customers need regardless of the category. The best method to purchase items on Amazon still remains the Amazon gift card. And in this article, you learn the different ways you can redeem your Amazon gift card. Either on Amazon or outside Amazon by selling it for cash.


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