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How To Sell Xbox Gift Cards in 2024

An Xbox gift card is the best method for purchasing items on Xbox Live. However, in addition to buying thousands of items on Xbox Live, the Xbox gift card can be sold for cash. 

That’s right. So, If you’re a PlayStation or PC guy/gal, not a gamer, or someone who just needs cash, this article is perfect for you. We are going to explore six effective ways of how to sell your Xbox gift card. 

6 Ways To Sell Your Xbox Gift Cards 

The top six ways to sell your Xbox gift cards include selling them for cash on Cardtonic, to family or friends, on social media platforms, to a local retailer, on Facebook Marketplace, and eBay.

1. Sell Your Xbox Gift Card on Cardtonic

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Cardtonic is the best place to sell gift cards, including Xbox gift cards, in Nigeria and Ghana. You get the best-selling rates in the market and fast payouts. Follow these few steps to sell your Xbox gift card on Cardtonic. 

  1. Download the Cardtonic application and register on the platform if you haven’t already done so.
  2. Open the Cardtonic application.
  3. Click on the “Sell gift card” icon.
  4. Select Xbox as the gift card category.
  5. Pick your desired subcategory. For example, USA XBOX Gift Card.
  6. Enter the Gift Card Amount.
  7. Finally, click on proceed. 

You can learn more about how to sell gift cards on Cardtonic from the video below.

2. Sell Your Xbox Gift Card To Family or Friends

Charity begins at home, and so does business. Selling your Xbox gift card to a family member or friend is a quick way to get rid of it for cash. If you know someone interested in this digital asset in your circle, do not hesitate to contact them and discuss the possibility of selling your Xbox gift card.

3. Sell On Social Media Platforms 

Another sharp method to sell your Xbox gift card is via social media. Simply drop a tweet or a quick message on your feed/ story on your social media platforms informing your followers you have an Xbox gift card for sale for a reasonable price, and they should DM for more information. 

Via DMs, you can now negotiate a reasonable offer at which you want to let your Xbox gift card go.  Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be effective for selling your Xbox gift card.

4. Sell To a Local Retailer 

Electronic stores or gift shops are another place to sell your  Xbox gift card for cash. If you know anyone around, all you need to do is carry your gift card to their store, inform them of your willingness to sell, and get ready to bargain, as they want to purchase it from you at the most discounted rate possible. 

5. Sell on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a popular platform for buying and selling items, including gift cards. Selling on Facebook Marketplace is easy; follow these steps. Log in to Facebook and access the Marketplace section, create a listing for your Xbox gift card, including photos and details, set a selling price and specify payment methods, communicate with potential buyers, finalize the sale, and arrange delivery.

6. Sell Your Xbox Gift Card on eBay

If you are based in the United States, eBay is another way to sell your Xbox gift card for cash. What you need to do is:

  1. Create an eBay account if you don’t have one.
  2. List your Xbox gift card for sale.
  3. Set a starting price or use the “Buy It Now” option for instant selling.
  4. Monitor bids or offers from buyers, communicate with them, and finalize the sale.
  5. Send the gift card details to the buyer once payment has been confirmed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Your Xbox Gift Card

1. Can I Convert Xbox Gift Cards To Cash?

Yes, you can. To do so, you need to use an external platform. You can sell your gift card for cash on Cardtonic, eBay, Facebook marketplace, to friends/family or on social media.

2. What Can I Do With an Xbox Gift Card?

An image of an Xbox gift card.

Xbox gift cards are the best means of purchasing items on Xbox Live, such as games, accessories, game credits, consoles, and more. You can also sell your Xbox gift card for cash. 

3. Where is The Best Place To Sell Gift Cards?

The best place to sell Xbox gift cards in Nigeria and Ghana is on Cardtonic. 

4. How Much is a $50 Xbox gift card?

The $50 Xbox gift card is currently worth about 30,000 – 40,000 Naira in Nigeria.


Selling your Xbox gift card can be straightforward using the proper methods and platforms. Whether you sell through Cardtonic for quick and secure transactions, sell to family or friends, use social media, approach local retailers, or use marketplaces like Facebook and eBay, many options suit your preferences. 

I personally suggest you use Cardtonic for secure and fast transactions, high selling rates, and convenience. Regardless of the method you pick, always remember to provide accurate information about your Xbox gift card, communicate effectively, and use secure payment methods. 

When you follow these guidelines, you are already halfway to a successful and seamless sale of your Xbox gift card.



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