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How Much Is Steam Gift Card Rate In Nigeria ?

​​Steam is one of the biggest brands in the gaming industry. It was created by Valve, and it serves as a digital distribution platform for PC Gaming. You can play, interact and download thousands of games from Steam. 

Steam gift cards are digital assets that can be used to purchase all paid games, videos, and other entertainment products on the Steam platform. Asides from being an excellent means to purchase games on Steam, these gift cards also are very flexible and can be resold for actual cash in Nigeria

Selling Steam Gift Cards in Nigeria 

Gift card trading has become widely accepted of late in Nigeria. These digital assets are now being used as a means of payment for goods and services, especially between international transactions. With a certified platform, you can beat the time and hassle of banks and get the Naira equivalent of your money within minutes.

There are various gift card brands across the world currently. If you aren’t accustomed to them, you stand the risk of buying or accepting one with a low resale rate. 

Steam gift cards have become one of the most sought digital assets in the country. This popularity and increase in demand have had a positive effect on the rates of this gift card. However, it is still pertinent to sell your Steam gift card on a good platform to avoid other limitations. 

Dangers Of Selling Gift Cards on Random Gift Card Exchange Platforms 

The major risks of selling gift cards on random gift card exchange platforms include; the possibility of getting scammed, selling at low rates and a poor customer response team.

1. Risk of Getting Scammed Outrightly: On a random platform you are wooed to believe that everything is going to work out fine. You might even be offered excessively high rates, those that seem impossible. Most times they are. Once you send in your digital asset, they find an excuse why you wouldn’t be able to receive payment on it.

2. Selling At Low Rates: A lot of gift card trading platforms are fully profit-oriented and do not care about their customers. Although you would not be getting scammed, expect really low payouts.

3. Inability or Difficulty Reaching Customer Service Representatives: One of the most frustrating and scary things that can happen to an individual is when there is little to no communication from a service provider. Especially when it involves money. Knowing you can reach the platform you’re selling your gift card on whenever you need to, gives you confidence and assurance.

Where is The Best Place To Sell Steam Gift Cards in Nigeria?

After informing you of the possible dangers you can encounter from funny platforms, it is only right to recommend one that you would have no trouble selling your digital asset on. There is only one gift card exchange platform that can offer you the full customer experience, which is Cardtonic. 

Cardtonic is a secure modern-day gift card exchange platform that offers the best gift card rates and ensures fast payouts 24/7. Asides from the easy-to-use application, one thing this platform is popular for is its exceptional and reliable online presence. Customer support is always at your beck and call ad you can also reach them via social media. 

Steam Gift Card Rates on Cardtonic 

There are different forms and currencies of gift cards. Each has its distinctive rates. However, due to the popularity and demand of this brand and the customer-oriented platform Cardtonic is, regardless of your digital asset, you would be getting very good steam rates.

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How To Sell Steam Gift Cards on Cardtonic 

You can sell your Steam gift card on Cardtonic by following these few steps. Download the Cardtonic application, register on the platform, open your Cardtonic application and tap the “Sell gift cards” icon, select either physical or E-code, pick steam gift card, select gift card currency, input the amount, upload the images and then start trade. 

  1. Download the Cardtonic application on either Google Play or IOS App store.
  2. Now, you need to register on the platform. 
  3. After registration, open your Cardtonic application and tap “the “Sell gift cards” icon. 
  4. Select the form of gift card you are selling. Either physical or E-code. 
  5. Under the category, select “Steam gift card”. 
  6. Pick the exact currency of your Steam gift card. 
  7. Type the Amount.
  8. Upload the images of your gift card. 
  9. Then you can “Start trade”. 



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