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How Much is $100 Apple iTunes Card in Nigerian Naira in 2024

A $100 iTunes gift card is quite a huge denomination and for this reason, you may be wondering how much a $100 iTunes gift card is in naira or how to sell your $100 iTunes gift card in naira.

As much as that is important, it is also necessary that you are aware of the best site to sell gift cards in Nigeria, which is CARDTONIC.




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First Off, Talking of iTunes…

Apple created one of the best Digital products in the world with iTunes. It is a digital marketplace that provides an avenue to purchase and download music, games, movies, books, etc.

iTunes gift cards are digital assets preloaded with a specific amount of money that can be used to serve as an alternative method of payment to purchase all digital products on iTunes.

To understand how much your iTunes or any gift card would be in Naira, it is important to know about rates, and how they are determined.

What Are Itunes Gift Card Rates & How Are They Determined?

For every gift card transaction, there’s a measure at which the digital asset is valued which is used against the amount of your gift card to arrive at the Naira equivalent. In simpler terms, it is just like an exchange rate. Rates are affected by a lot of things. Such as the form of gift card(physical or E-code), the amount, and most importantly, the demand for the gift card. When a gift card is in high demand, its selling rates are usually high, and vice versa.

Another pertinent factor that determines the rate of gift cards is the platform on which you trade it, which is why Cardtonic is the best.

To understand how much your iTunes or any gift card would be in Naira, it is important to know about rates, and how they are determined.

What To Look Out For Before Trading On A Platform?

1. Is it Legitimate: This is the first question you need to ask yourself, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. To avoid being a victim of a gift card scam.

2. Customer-oriented: Any platform you trade on should have your interest at heart. Because rates vary, even when the rates are low, with a customer-oriented platform, you are sure to get the best gift card rates in the market.

3. Rate Calculator: This feature might seem little, but it signifies transparency. Every gift card trader should have the right to know exactly what he//she would be getting immediately after each trade even before commencing.

4. Fast Payouts: Nobody wants to wait centuries to receive payouts after a successful trade. You need one that can guarantee you payouts within 5-10 minutes on average.

Where Can I Sell $100 Apple Gift Card To Naira?

After looking out for these factors, you may still be in a pickle as to where precisely you can trade your gift cards, especially if you are a beginner. This is why you should use Cardtonic. This is the best gift card trading app in Nigeria. We meet and exceed all the required factors.

How Much is My $100 Apple iTunes Gift Card on Cardtonic?

Have you been wondering how much a $100 iTunes card is in Nigeria today, or what is the Apple gift card rate to the naira? or wondering what the apple card rate in Nigeria is… Or, generally speaking, are you looking for ways to redeem your iTunes gift card in Nigeria?

Currently, the $100 US Physical iTunes gift card has a rate of about 900 – 1500/$1. However, rates do change from time to time. Don’t worry. Anyway, you can always verify current rates when trading with Cardtonic.

This means you would get up to 90,000 – 150,000 Naira if you sell your iTunes gift card using Cardtonic.

Do they say nothing is perfect? I bet it doesn’t entail Cardtonic. Get started today using one of the options below.


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