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Top Google Play Gift Card Scams You Should Know

Google play gift cards are digital assets that serve directly as cash, debit, and credit cards on the google play store. With this gift card, you can purchase all paid products on the platform such as music, movies, books, games, etc.

This digital asset is very popular and needs little or no introduction. It is well known for its resourcefulness and also flexibility. Asides from being able to purchase millions of paid applications on the Google play store, this gift card can also be exchanged or sold for cash. This increased the demand for this digital asset because google play gift cards also serve as a medium of exchange. 

Sadly, this development is not all good news. There have been several people across the world who have been victims of google play gift card scams. Without much knowledge, it may seem highly unlikely for you to fall for something like this. However, so did the thousands of victims that did before it happened. It is important to know how to identify these scams and what to do in the process or after it happens. 

Types Of Google Play Gift Card Scams and How To Avoid Them

1. Government or Tax Official Imposter: The most common google scam is receiving a call from a so-called government official. Such as federal or state tax agents, police officers, etc saying you have a massive backload of debt to the government. Either in taxes or fines, you have to pay to send in a certain amount worth of google play gift cards to avoid your license being canceled or even getting detained. These people are swift and may drop some very confidential information about yourself to make it convincing.

Solution; To avoid this make sure you cut the call immediately and stop engaging them. You will most likely receive an official stamped letter if a government agency wants to pass information to you. 

2. Email From Contact: Another conniving method that can be used is when you receive an email from a family member or friend asking you for help. Saying you should help them purchase a google play gift card, send it to them and they would refund you. Some of these emails even come with links.

Solution; Do not respond to the mail nor should you click the link to avoid being hacked. 

3. Very Low Price of Items: Certain websites or individuals may claim to offer very good deals on a product or products. Sometimes too good to be true. Only if you pay with your Google play gift card. Once you reveal your digital asset to them you can be sure you will not hear from them again.

Fix; As much as we all want good deals on items we still have to be careful about the websites and people we trust with confidential information.

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4. Family Emergency: This is also a widespread scam. You can get an abrupt call from a random number saying your family member is in danger and they need to settle some hospital bill or some people. You need to send this digital asset to their phone number immediately before the scenario worsens. They try to hurry you up and make you panic so you don’t have a reasonable and objective trail of thought.

Fix; Ensure you call the familiar number of your relative to be sure of the situation on the ground before moving forward. 

5. Hackers: Hackers use these gimmicks to get your computer and PC in a compromising situation and then wipe all your data or hold it captive for something in return. A Chicago resident, Gail Roberts had all her personal information and confidential documents seized by these hackers and they threatened to keep it that way unless she sends them $400 worth of google play gift cards.

Solution; It is advisable to stay off sites you are not too familiar with, and not click on funny pop-up ads.

Although all this might sound a bit scary, when you follow adequate preventive measures, you would have nothing to worry about. Almost every good thing in life has its downsides. Which should not stop or limit you from growing and enjoying things. You have millions of applications to purchase and tons of cash to make with the Google play gift card so be positive. 



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