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How Much is a £100 Google Play Gift Card Rate in Naira?

The rate of google play gift card in Nigeria has been a trending topic in recent times.

Believe it or not, One of the quickest ways of receiving money especially internationally is through gift cards. Most people do not know that these digital assets serve as an effective method of payment. Without having to go through the stress of queues, or waiting periods, you can get this gift card via Email, social media, or shipped directly to your home. Once you own it, the next thing is to find a suitable platform that you can convert your gift card to actual Naira. 

The Google Play gift card was created to serve as an additional means of payment on the platform. With this digital asset, you can purchase and download all paid products on Google Play in a matter of minutes. 

Selling your Google play gift card can earn you a lot of Naira, considering it is done on the right platform. Because rates vary, there is no unified price you would get constantly. Also, the platform you trade on goes a long way in deciding your payout. For the sake of this article, I would be using the best site to sell gift cards in Nigeria.

How Much Your £100 Google Play Gift Card is on Cardtonic 

The google play card price in naira currently for £100 Physical Google Play gift card is 710/£1. This means you are looking at a cool 71,000 Naira in your account if you sell your gift card now. However, the E-code form has a slightly different rate at 660/£1. This implies that you would be getting 66,000 Naira if you sell the E-code form now. 

The use of “now” is intentional because these rates vary. After a couple of hours, they may be slightly higher or lower. This is why you should always check the gift card rates whenever you want to trade. 

How Can I Resell My £200 Google Play Gift Card on Cardtonic?

  1. The first step is to download the Cardtonic Application. You can also choose to trade with your PC or mac on the website if you want a larger view.
  2. Register on the Platform: Certain relevant trading information would be required during this process. Such as; your email address, full name, and bank account number.
  3. Trade. This step is easy, once you click the “Trade Gift Cards” icon, All you need to do is input the details of your gift card. Upload the image/s, and then begin trading. 


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