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How to Convert a Google Play Gift Card to Cash or PayPal

Have you ever received a Google Play gift card but wished it could be converted into cash or transferred to your PayPal account? Well, you’re not alone!

I was in this situation myself a couple of months ago. Not that I did not appreciate the gift or I did not love this gift card, but I was quite broke then, so I needed liquid cash more than my Google Play gift card at the time.

This article will explore the easiest ways to convert Google Play gift cards to cash or PayPal. Let’s go!

How To Sell Your Google Play Gift Card For Cash 

The safest and most profitable way to sell your gift card for cash is with Cardtonic. We are the number 1 gift card exchange platform in Nigeria that offers you the best gift card rates in the country and guarantees fast transactions and quick payouts. Once you have successfully sold your Google Play gift card on Cardtonic, you can withdraw your funds and add them to your PayPal balance or start spending it immediately. 

First, let me show you how to sell your Google Play gift cards on Cardtonic.

How To Sell Your Google Play Gift Cards on Cardtonic 

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Converting your Google Play gift card to cash on Cardtonic is easy. All you need to do is download the Cardtonic app, register on the platform, open the Cardtonic application, click on sell gift cards, choose Google Play as the gift card category, select the sub-category, input the amount, upload the image, and start trade.  

  1. Download the Cardtonic application either on IOS or Google Play Store.
  2. Register on Cardtonic with details such as your full name, bank account, email address, etc.
  3. Open the Cardtonic Application.
  4. Select Google Play gift card as the gift card category.
  5. Choose the subcategory of your Google Play gift card. For example, USA Google Play gift card. 
  6.  Input the Amount of your Google Play gift card.
  7.  Include any comments or add your gift card code if needed.
  8. Upload the gift card image(s).
  9.  Once completed, click the “Start Trade” button.

How To Convert Your Google Play Gift Card to Paypal 

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There isn’t a direct means of adding your Google Play gift card balance to your PayPal. However, once you have sold your Google Play gift card for cash on Cardtonic, you will receive your payout directly to your local bank account. Then, you can either use your debit card to fund your PayPal or make a bank transfer. 

How To Fund Your Paypal Account

All you need to do is head to your Paypal Wallet, select transfer money, choose your preferred payment method, enter your desired Amount, and then submit.

  1. Go to your Paypal Wallet.
  2. Click Transfer Money.
  3. Choose your preferred method of payment,
  4. Enter the Amount.

Frequently Asked Questions About Converting Google Play Gift Cards to Cash or Paypal

1. How Long Does it Take To Receive Money in My Paypal ?

It takes between 3-5 business days to receive money sent from a bank transfer, but only a few minutes with a local debit card.

2. What’s The Limit I Can Transfer to My PayPal Account?

There are daily, weekly, and monthly limits on the amounts you can transfer to your PayPal balance from your bank. You can send up to USD 5,000 per day, USD 10,000 per week, and USD 20,000 per month.

3. Where is The Best Place To Convert Google Play Gift Cards To Cash in Nigeria?

Cardtonic is the best place to sell and buy gift cards in Nigeria. Google Play gift cards included. After you have converted your Google Play gift card to cash with Cardtonic, you can add the funds to your PayPal account.


I believe that you can eat your cake and have it. In some cases, anyway. This happens to be one of them. With a Google Play gift card, you can easily purchase all paid applications on the Google Play store. However, if you are in need of money, you can convert your gift card to cash on Cardtonic with just a few steps. These are downloading the Cardtonic app, registering on the platform, opening the Cardtonic application, clicking on sell gift cards, choosing Google Play as the gift card category, selecting the category, inputting the amount, uploading the image, and starting the trade. 

You can then decide to spend your money or fund your PayPal balance after withdrawing your payouts from Cardtonic.

Now you have learnt a valuable life hack for free; You are welcome!


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