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Walmart Gift Card Errors Fixed – 2024

Walmart is one of the biggest multinational retail companies in America. They own various chains of hypermarkets, and department and grocery stores. At the brand, there are various ways of buying things. However, there is one created specifically for this purpose. 

Walmart gift cards are additional methods of payment that can be used to purchase every item at the brand. Both online and at the physical stores. 

Most people shop at Walmart to buy other brand gift cards; little do people know you can buy theirs too. 

These gift cards come very handy, and you can do tons of things with them. Because they are so useful you need to do all you can to protect them and keep them in good condition. What then happens when your Walmart gift card displays an error message when you try and redeem it? Throw it away? certainly not. You need to learn how to resolve this issue. 

Possible Walmart Gift Card Errors and Solutions

1. Invalid pin: 

The “Invalid pin” error is common. This is because it is very likely to make a mistake when you are typing your gift card details. Look out for similar codes and numbers, and carefully input your details. For example, 0 & O, 1 & I. Etc. 

2. Unable to deduct the balance: 

You need to contact Walmart for support if you get the “unable to deduct balance error” Most times, this might occur as a network error from their end or an issue with the gift card. 

3. Serial Number and Pin Do Not Match: 

The “Serial Number and Pin Do Not Match” error can occur if you check the balance of your digital asset anywhere outside the United States. You would have to wait until you return to the US to check your gift card balance

Now you are 100% ready to face any possible hiccups you might face whilst redeeming your Walmart gift card, either at the brand or reselling it for cash. 


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