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What To Do With Your AMEX Gift Card in Nigeria 

Popularly known as (AMEX), American Express is a global company that deals in the provision of payment card services. Asides from debit and credit cards, they also provide Amex gift cards to their customers. 

Amex gift cards are preloaded digital assets that can be used to purchase items wherever Amex is accepted as a means of payment. These digital assets are funded with a specific amount of money and come in two major forms. Namely; AMEX Physical and E – gift cards. 

Forms of AMEX Gift Cards 

1. Physical card: The physical Amex gift card can be seen and felt, they are usually branded and designed following the Amex theme, and are plastic. 

2. E-Gift Card: The E-code on the other hand comes in a digital format. Meaning they can only be seen from your screens unless printed out on a piece of paper. Once purchased, they are sent directly to your email address.

Do not be surprised about the frenzy this gift card causes, there are various benefits to owning one. Some of which include; 

Advantages of Having an AMEX Gift Card 

1. They are widely accepted: Amex gift cards can be used to pay for items practically everywhere nowadays because they are one of the most accepted means of payment. This gift card brings a different feel because you are not “stuck” to a designated store or brand.

2. Your Credit doesn’t expire: Although the AMEX gift card has a Nine-year life span, the balance on your gift card is timeless. Meaning even after the ninth year, if you still have some money left on your gift card, you can request to replace your expired account number and add the funds to your new card. 

3. No extra fees: Unlike your regular debit cards that have costs for maintenance and so on, AMEX gift cards have zero charges or fees to redeem. Once purchased, you can enjoy your digital asset without worrying about another cost. 

All these points seem enticing, but as for someone in Nigeria you might not necessarily be sold yet. Let me tell you how this gift can be of value to you in our motherland. 

You should check out some errors associated with AMEX gift cards.

How Can I Utilize My AMEX Gift Card in Nigeria? 

These digital assets can be used practically anywhere. However, in a country like Nigeria, there are still tons of places that only accept cash, local bank cards, and transfers. This is why to enjoy them fully, you would have to sell your AMEX gift card for cash

Cardtonic understands that they’re still certain payment limitations in the country, and we are still very dependent on cash. This is why they created such an avenue whereby customers can easily exchange the value of their AMEX gift card for actual Naira.  

Thanks to this platform, your AMEX gift card can be efficient even in the country.


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