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How Much Can You Get For a $200 Sephora Gift Card in Nigeria?

Almost every beauty and makeup enthusiast is familiar with Sephora. They are one of the first names people go to when you think of beauty. The French multinational retailer sells over 340 personal care and beauty products. 

Sephora Gift Cards are an alternative method of payment that can be used to purchase every item seen at the store or online. What this means is that without cash, credit, or a debit card, you still have the means to purchase items at the brand. Although it might be a bit confusing, the Sephora gift card should not be mistaken for a JCPenny Sephora card. 

They may have a similar name but function differently. The major way to differentiate both is by the pin. The previous has an 8-digit pin while the latter only has 4. Neither can be redeemed at the other brand. So be careful when you are shopping for these gift cards.

Before telling you the amount of this gift card, I believe you should have an idea of how the rates are determined beforehand. With such knowledge, you would be able to tell if you are getting the best out of your gift cards. 

Factors that Determine the Rate of a Gift Card

1. Demand For the Card: If you own a card that a lot of people want and are ready to pay for it, the rate of such a digital asset would be high. It is natural in every market. When an asset is in high demand, it is most likely to be pricey, because of the many buyers. This is what the streets would call “hot commodity” 

2. Type of Card: The particular type of gift card you have also play a major role in the rate. Gift cards usually come in two forms mainly. Which are Physical and E-code. The latter always has a lower rate than the previous. For example; a $200 Physical Sephora gift card would always have a higher rate than a $200 Sephora E- code, regardless of the changes in Rates. Also, the amount of the gift card matters a bit as well. Although it may not be in every scenario, naturally gift cards with higher amounts attract better rates. 

 3. Platform Sold:  This is one of the most important factors. The gift card exchange platform used to sell your Sephora gift card has to not be only legitimate but offer customer-inclined rates 24/7. Trading on a platform that is customer-oriented always puts you at an advantage because even when the rates drop (which they do), you would still be getting the best in the market. 

How Much is a $200 Sephora Gift Card on Cardtonic? 

On Cardtonic, the physical $200 Sephora gift card has a current rate of 345/$1. Meaning you would be getting 69,000 Naira if you sell the card on Cardtonic right now. 


You should always take note of the amount of your Sephora gift cards. There are 5 sub-categories on that brand alone, it is important to select the correct one to know exactly what you would be getting after a successful trade. 


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