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Where To Sell Amazon Gift Cards in Nigeria

Amazon gift cards are pre-loaded digital assets created by the brand, to serve as an alternative source of payment at Amazon. With this asset, you can purchase all items either online or at any of their physical locations. 

Selling Amazon Gift Cards in Nigeria 

No matter the reason, once you are in a situation where you cannot redeem this digital asset on the platform, the best possible option is to sell your Amazon gift card for cashReselling your gift card in Nigeria is now very possible and also easy. Although there can be hiccups if it’s sold on an insecure platform. However, when done right the process is seamless. 

The Best Platform To Sell Amazon Gift Cards in Nigeria 

The best platform to resell your Amazon gift card in Nigeria is Cardtonic. There are numerous reasons why this platform stands out amongst others. Asides from offering high rates and being secure, Cardtonic is known to have a trading application that is very easy to navigate. Their customer support team is reliable and works round the clock. And they also guarantee payouts within minutes.

How To Figure Out The Rate of Your Amazon Gift Card on Cardtonic

All Amazon gift cards have their unique rates. Some of the factors which affect rates include; the form, amount, demand for the asset, and also the type of receipt you have. This is why it is advisable to make use of the Rate calculator feature on the platform to have an exact knowledge of your gift card rate. 

How To Sell Your Amazon Gift Card on Cardtonic  

If this is your first experience with Cardtonic, the very first thing you would need to do is to download the Application. This is easy because it is available on both Google & IOS Store. You can also use your Mac/PC If you prefer a wider view. 

The next step is to register on the Platform. Registration only happens once. You would need to provide information like your full name, email address, bank account number, etc. After this, A verification mail would be sent to your email by Cardtonic and then you can commence trading on the platform.

To trade on the App; 

  1. Select the “Trade gift cards” button  
  2. Under Category, Click on “Amazon gift cards”
  3. For the Subcategory section, you’re meant to pick the exact type and form of your Steam gift card. For example; Canada Steam Physical 
  4. Type in the amount of your gift card 
  5. Upload the image/s
  6. Then you can “Start Trade” 



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