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Steam Gift Card Pictures and How To Identify Steam Cards

There are now tons of unique steam gift cards available for purchase all around the world. Which have their distinct currency, amount, and even form. The best way to know how to use steam gift cards is by understanding them. What they look like, and how to identify them.

This way you can know precisely the one which suits you. Remember, almost every region has its own specific steam gift card/s. And you cannot redeem this digital asset outside its region. 

Two Major Forms of Steam Gift Cards 

There are two major types of gift cards in general.

  1. Physical Steam Gift Cards: This form of steam gift card can be bought both online and at physical locations like convenience stores or hypermarkets. They are branded with the steam logo and have their amount imprinted on the top right corner of the digital asset.
  2. Steam E-codes: Steam e-codes can only be bought and received online. Via emails. You can usually get lower denominations for this form of the steam gift card, which are generally faster to purchase. 

How To Identify Steam Gift Cards

Once you Familiarize yourself with the various Steam gift card pictures and their features, Identifying these digital assets becomes a piece of cake.

1. US Steam Gift Card 

An Image of a USA Physical Steam Gift Card.

An Image of a USA Steam E-code Gift Card.

This is one of my personal favorites. They are one of the most resold steam gift cards for cash in Nigeria. This digital asset clearly shows “United States” and has 15 alphanumeric codes on the back of the card. However, The US Steam E-code is very similar to its physical counterpart. They both have 15 alphanumeric codes, and the  “United States” indication. 

2. Euro Steam Gift Cards

A Picture of a Physical Euro Steam Gift Card.

A picture of an Euro E-code Gift Card.

The Euro steam gift card was exclusively designed for 3 European countries. France, Germany, and Austria. Each of these digital assets is written in its official language. French, German, and Austrian. They all have the same value for resale. One good thing about the E-code counterpart is that you can buy as low as 50 Euros. 

3. Australian Steam Gift Card 

An Image of a Physical Australian Steam Gift Card.

An Image of an Australian E-code Steam Gift Card.

The Australian Steam gift card (AUD), is the official steam card for Australia. Because the first language in Australia is English, all instructions on the digital asset are in English, There is a bar code and a bold Steam logo on the physical version of this gift card. However, the digital format can only be received via email.

4. New Zealand Steam Gift Card (NZD)

An Image of a Physical New Zealand Steam Gift Card

An Image of a New Zealand E-code Steam Gift Card.

All instructions and wording on this gift card are written in English. It has a 15 alphanumeric code with the trademark imprinted on it. There is also a clear indication that this gift card is restricted to New Zealand only.  Although The E-code version looks like a physical card online, it is encrypted to protect it from any unauthorized use. The amount of the gift card is written on the top right corner of the digital asset.

5. UK Steam Gift Card 

A Picture of a Physical United Kingdom Steam Gift Card.

A Picture of a United Kingdom Steam E-code Gift Card.

This is another very popular card. The UK steam gift card can be used to purchase games and hardware assets on the United kingdom steam platform. Their denominations come as low as £25. For the e-code format, you still get the 15 alphanumeric codes, but this time it is sent to your mail. 

6. Switzerland Steam Gift Card 

 A CHF Physical Steam Gift Card Picture.

 A CHF Steam E-code Gift Card Picture.


The Switzerland steam gift card is popularly referred to as CHF. If you ever see this instead of the former do not be confused or lost. There are two popular languages in Switzerland. French and German. So the instructions for these digital assets are written in both languages. There is no significant difference between the two forms of this gift card asides from the fact that one can only be bought online and not in physical locations. The e-code form is sent to your email and if printed would look like a receipt. 

7. Canada Steam Gift Card 

 An Image of a Physical Canadian Steam Gift Card.

A Canadian Steam E-code Gift Card Picture.

The Canadian steam gift card (CAD) covers all regions of Canada. Even the French areas. So the instructions on this digital asset are both in English and French. Both e-code and physical format have 15 alphanumeric codes, and the body specifies Canada as the region of purpose. 


There are so many interesting things to do with Steam gift cards. When you have proper knowledge of all the steam gift card pictures, it becomes easier to know exactly which one you need depending on your location and purpose. 


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