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How To Buy Gift Card In Nigeria 2024 – Full Tutorial

The major intention behind gift cards is to create convenience. When I think of gift cards, I simply visualize ease. We already go through enough stress as it is. From work, relationships, chores, etc. Something as little as making payments should be the last thing stressing you out. 

Various people share a similar mindset as me, which is why you hear about gift cards almost everywhere you turn. And what better way to purchase an item that is meant to bring you convenience other than online? I can’t think of any as well. But before I show you where and how to buy gift cards online, you need to fully understand how beneficial these digital assets can be to you. 

What Are Gift Cards Used For?

Gift cards serve as a viable method of payment at a particular store, brand, or restaurant. Their major benefits are; They are easy to redeem at the brand, are Perfect gifts for loved ones, and are a safer option.

1. Easy Way To Buy Items At The Brand:  These digital assets were created mainly to serve all your shopping needs at the brand. You get discounts, rewards, or quick checkouts when you pay with your gift card. 

2. Safer Option: It is becoming increasingly risky to carry heavy cash around these days. There are also tons of credit and debit card scams going on currently. With your gift card, you can easily avert these risks, pay for items regardless of their amount, and still feel secure especially when you are outside. 

3. Perfect Gift For Loved Ones: One of the best ways to surprise or appreciate your loved ones is by buying them gift cards. You are practically killing two birds with one stone because you don’t have to worry about the perfect item/s, all you need to know is a brand they love and get them a nicely funded gift card from there. Now, you give them the freedom to get the exact items they like while paying for them as well. A win for both parties.

Where To Buy Gift Cards Online 

Before you can understand how to purchase these digital assets, you need to know where to get them. The best place to buy gift cards online is Cardtonic.com.

Cardtonic is a state-of-the-art platform where you can buy all gift cards, whether international or local at any time of the day and in any quantity. We also sell them at the most affordable rates in the country. 

As a customer-inclined platform, we understand the essence of affordable shopping, especially in Nigeria or Ghana. Cardtonic is the best App to buy gift cards online in Nigeria.

How To Purchase Digital Gift Cards in Nigeria In 2023 Using Cardtonic

Buying gift cards online on Cardtonic is easy. All you need to do is; Open your Cardtonic application, select “buy gift cards“, pick your gift card country, select the desired gift card, type or choose the card amount, and then proceed to payment. 

1. Open The Cardtonic Application or Website

2. Select “Buy Gift Cards” 

A screenshot of the Cardtonic Application.

3. The next step is to select the country of your gift card. For example, if you want to be a USA Amazon gift card, the country would be the United States.

An image of the Cardtonic application

4. Select your desired gift card. E.g; Amazon Gift Card.

A picture of the Cardtonic application.

5. Click on Card Unit (Amount desired) & Quantity (Number of gift cards).

6. Then proceed To Payment.

To buy gift cards on Cardtonic, you would need to download the platform from either Google or IOS play store and then register. Signing up on Cardtonic takes less than 10 minutes, you would only need to fill in about 5 questions and you are good to go.


Life becomes less stressful with gift cards. They are much safer and quicker to use than other payment methods. There is also no better way to buy a gift card than online, and getting it delivered to you in the comfort of your space. 

Because there is a ton of information on the internet, looking for where to buy gift cards online can become overwhelming, especially for a first-timer. To make it less stressful for you, this is why I recommend you buy your gift cards on Cardtonic.


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