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Sell Google Play Gift Cards on Cardtonic Properly 

Google play gift cards are one of our most traded gift cards on our platform, with the volume of Google trades we get daily, it would be abysmal if they are still users who do not know how to properly navigate their way around trading it well on Cardtonic. 

It can get a bit tricky especially because we have over 7 subcategories of Google play gift cards on Cardtonic. However, with proper guidance, you would understand, and be able to trade this gift card on our platform freely.

The next question is; 

How Can I Sell My Google Play Gift Card on Cardtonic?

1 Open your Cardtonic Application  

2 Click on Trade gift cards 

3 The first requirement is to ‘select category’ tap it and click on Google Play gift card

4 For the subcategory section, you have to be careful in checking the currency and form of your gift card. Then pick the one that fits perfectly into the description 

5 Enter the amount of your gift card. Eg 200

6 Look for the “Upload Card +”, here you can add a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 30 google gift cards in the same subcategory. 

7 Finally, tap the start trade gift icon. 

Once this is done, the next step would be to wait for your trade to be processed. 

How Long would this Take?

Your trade would be processed within 3 – 5 minutes. Now they are only two outcomes that would prevail. Either it’s failed or completed. With these steps, you should not have an issue worrying about an unsuccessful trade. However, if it does, you can see the reason. When it comes back as completed, you can proceed to the fun stuff

You should also take note of the ” we need more info to redeem this card” error. Although your card would be rejected, it does not mean that it has been redeemed. Take it back to the store of purchase and ask for proper activation. Once this is done, you are welcome to retrade the gift card. 


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