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How To Fix Google Play Gift Card Errors – 2024

These gift cards are used to purchase paid products on the Google play store. For example, music, books, apps, etc.  The Google play gift card is one of the most demanded items in the gift card market and is also very famous amongst digital assets in general due to the popularity of the play store. 

Amidst the good, the google play gift card is also known for having several error messages when you try to redeem it. We do not believe these hiccups should stop you from enjoying your digital asset. This is why I will inform you about all the possible errors, what they mean, and how to solve them.    

Possible Error Associated With Google Play Gift Cards

1. We Need More Info To Redeem This Gift Card 

Google play - we need more info to redeem this gift card error

To fix the “we need more info to redeem this gift card” error, there are two ways of going about it. You should initially try and redeem it on your mobile device, then contact google if that does not work. 

Redeeming on Your Mobile Device

1. Open the Google Play Store app 

2. Click the profile icon

3. Tap “Payments and Subscriptions”

4. Select Redeem gift code

5. Then input your code 

If the error clears after this, then great. However, if it is still saying the same thing, you need to contact google. 

Contacting Google

You need to sign in to your google account and fill out the form

 2. Not Activated – Code Could Not Be Redeemed

An image of a not activated error message

If the error message that pops up is “Not Activated – Code could not be redeemed” what it means is that your google play gift card is not properly working. All google play gift cards must be fully activated before redemption. Take it back to the store of purchase and request this.  

3. You have already used this Gift Card

Image of a this gift card has already been used error message

If you see “You have already redeemed that code”, it means the Google play gift card has been redeemed on your account and can’t be used again. However, if the value is not reflected in your balance, you can contact google support or return to the store of purchase to sort it out.

4. An Unexpected Error Has Occurred 

An unexpected error message image 

The “An Unexpected error has occurred” is primarily a network issue from Google. This is why they advise you to try again later. However, you can contact Google about this if it still does not work. 

Now you can go ahead to Redeem Google Play Gift Card and shop on a digital marketplace with over 3 million applications across various sectors. 

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