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5 Reasons Why You Should Use eBay Gift Cards for Online Shopping

eBay gift cards are certainly popular these days for online shopping and payments. More and more people have started using them to fund their eBay purchases and checkout with ease. I totally get the appeal of jumping on the trend, too – who wouldn’t want simplified checkout and extra savings?

As someone who relies on eBay for many buys, I’ve been itching to unlock the perks of paying with gift cards instead of my credit card for every single purchase. From great deals to flexibility to perfect gifts, these cards pack a serious punch.

If you’ve been looking for reasons to finally start using eBay gift cards for online shopping the smart way, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to discover five compelling benefits that may convince you to embrace gift card payment on eBay, too.

5 Benefits Of Using eBay Gift Cards For Online Shopping

Using eBay gift cards for online shopping offers you great deals, flexible spending potential, wide product selection, faster checkouts and customizable gift giving.

1. Great Deals

One of my favourite things about eBay gift cards is that they let me stretch my money further than other payment methods when shopping online. With gift card funds, I can scoop serious savings on the eBay marketplace. 

For example, last month, I got $150 off a desired pair of wireless headphones that rarely go on sale. I used a discounted $100 eBay gift card I purchased on Cardtonic to pay for over half the cost. Without draining my bank account, I unlocked flagship headphones for much less just by paying with gift credit.

eBay’s continuous deals, coupons and flash sales mean that gift cards always pack more purchasing power. Compared to paying outright with cash or standard credit, I keep more money in my own pocket while still buying what I want!

2. Flexible Spending

eBay Gift Card

Another major reason I love keeping eBay gift cards handy for online shopping is unmatched flexibility compared to other payment forms. For starters, eBay gift cards don’t expire, so I can shop at my own pace without pressure to use-it-or-lose-it.

Whether I want to make a large purchase or just nibble away at my gift card balance on smaller items over time, there are no restrictions. With no hidden fees either, eBay gift payments give me total freedom to shop precisely how and when I want.

3. Wide Selection

I absolutely love the sheer variety I can find and purchase on eBay using gift card payment. With millions of active global listings across countless product categories, eBay offers a selection unmatched by individual retail sites.

My favourite one-stop shop aspect is diversity. When paying with an eBay gift card, I can buy a vintage turntable from a seller in Japan, funky earrings from a boutique in France, and a refurbished lawn mower, all in the same transaction seamlessly. Whether I want something ordinary or one-of-a-kind, obscure or trendy, eBay connects me to it all in a way no single store can.

4. Convenient Payment

As an avid online shopper, nothing thrills me more than streamlined, simple checkout experiences. And eBay gift cards take so much friction out of payments compared to my credit card.

By pre-loading gift card funds, I skip the tedious steps of searching my wallet app and typing long numbers for each purchase. With the gift credit ready to use instantly, buying flows faster.

eBay also keeps all my gift cards neatly stored in My Account. I don’t have to worry about losing small pieces of plastic. The centralized dashboard also lets me easily switch between cards if I have balances on multiple.

Ultimately, eBay gift cards remove hassle and speed up my online shopping convenience.

5. Perfect Gifts

eBay Gift Cards for Online Shopping: Perfect gift

When struggling to find unique, exciting gifts for the people in my life, eBay gift cards solve the problem beautifully. Because the eBay marketplace offers such an enormous array of items, a gift card allows my loved ones to choose their own special something.

I don’t have to fret over getting the exact colour, size, design or other preferences right. An eBay gift card empowers them to find a treasured item that aligns with their tastes. Especially for tricky people, gift cards make gift-giving so much easier!

Frequently Asked Questions About Using eBay Gift Cards For Online Shopping

1. Why Would Someone Want An eBay Gift Card As Payment?

Scammers prefer eBay gift cards for their relative anonymity, allowing quick conversion to cash or online purchases. Legitimate entities typically don’t request payment in eBay gift cards; be cautious and report suspicious activity.

2. How Can eBay Gift Cards Be Used?

eBay gift cards can be used during the checkout process when making purchases on the eBay website. Simply enter the gift card code at the payment stage to apply the balance towards your order.

3. What Is The Maximum Number Of Gift Cards Per Transaction On eBay?

eBay typically allows the use of up to 4 gift cards per transaction. However, it’s advisable to check eBay’s official terms and conditions for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

4. How Do I Convert My eBay Gift Card To Cash?

Unfortunately, eBay gift cards cannot be directly converted to cash. They are designed for use on the eBay platform to purchase items from sellers. You can sell your eBay gift card for cash on platforms like Cardtonic.

5. Where Can I Buy eBay Gift Cards Online?

eBay gift cards are available for purchase on various online platforms, including the official eBay website, major retailers, and authorised resellers like Cardtonic. Be cautious and purchase from reputable sources to ensure the validity of the gift card.

6. How Do I Transfer Money From eBay To My Bank Account?

Simply log into your eBay account, go to Payments, add your bank account, and link it. Once linked, eBay sales payouts are sent directly to your account, with processing taking one day. Depending on your payout schedule, funds are available in your checking account within 1-3 business days after initiation.


After outlining five very compelling reasons to embrace eBay gift card payment for online shopping, I know I’m personally convinced! From serious savings with great deals to simplified checkout convenience, eBay gift cards unlock a better user experience all around.

While I once mindlessly stuck to tried-and-true credit card payments, discovering these perks has been a game-changer for how I shop online. I’ve saved money, time, stress and getting gifts for loved ones is now a breeze.

If you take just one tip away – give eBay gift cards a shot for your next eBay purchase and see if the advantages resonate for you too! Ditching flat credit card rewards for gift card deals opened my eyes. Hopefully, these reasons inspire you to make the switch, too.


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