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5 Special Occasions When You Should Give A Gift Card

When in doubt, send a gift card.

This is because gift cards allow the giver to extend a choice to the receiver on choosing what they prefer. Some argue that gift cards are an impersonal gift. Well, not to someone who knows what they want.

With increasingly busy schedules and little time to shop online, the trick is to allow the person you wish to show love, to choose for themselves. There is no time to start thinking of what Nkechi or Justin has been saying they want for Christmas.

If you doubt when to give a gift card, here are five special occasions to pass and score an automatic W.

1. Birthdays

Birthdays are great moments to give out gift cards to celebrants. A gift card is an excellent option on a day when they are most likely to receive gifts, many of which they might not need. A gift card allows them to explore all their choices to the point where they can splurge or trade it for Cash on a platform like Cardtonic. Imagine giving your girlfriend a Sephora or Razer gold gift card on her birthday. You will likely need earplugs to handle her excited scream.

2. Mother’s/Father’s Day

Someone said that as our candles burn brighter, let us not forget that our parents’ dim with age. We must show love to those who nurtured us by giving them gifts on special days. Mother’s or Father’s day is one of the best times to give your parent a gift card. Amazon, Sephora or Best buy gift cards may work best for mothers. For Fathers, AMEX, Best Buy, STEAM or Razer Gold may do the trick. The secret is allowing them to choose whatever they will remember you by while enabling them to sell the gift card if they do not want anything.

3. Anniversary

Nothing says memorable like a gift to consolidate an anniversary. Whether it is a relationship, work, wedding or friendship anniversary, a gift card goes a long way to show your loved one that you value the relationship with them. Depending on the taste of the individual, you can buy them a gift card that either allows them to shop at their favourite online store or one that can quickly sell on a platform like Cardtonic.

4. Baby shower

Especially in Africa, the arrival of a baby is usually preceded by gifts and presents. A gift card makes the occasion even more special because you give the mothers the luxury of picking whatever they desire for their child. Usually, a Best Buy, Amazon or AMEX gift card works for this occasion, as these can be used at E-commerce stores for baby shopping.

5. Congratulatory occasions

Lastly, you can add weight to your congratulatory message by sending a gift card to the person. Especially if they have just been promoted or are moving to a place where they may need your support. Scenarios like relocation to another country, a new house, a new car or a new job can help you show them you are thoughtful and have them at heart.

What if they don’t know how to use the gift card?

This is a question you have in mind. You have two options if they need to learn how to use the gift card.

1. Please provide them with information on how they can use it on the respective platforms.

Doing this is easy because one can use their gift card to shop as quickly as they use their ATM card on any e-commerce platform.

2. Advise them to trade it for cash.

This way, they can access the money’s worth of the card and use it directly for whatever they desire. Selling the gift card for Cash is more accessible than the first step, especially if they use a platform like Cardtonic. In less than 5 minutes, they can create an account, sign up and get paid for their card directly into their bank account.


The fastest way to cement your place in the heart of your circle is to show appreciation whenever special occasions come up or mark milestones with thoughtful gifts like gift cards.
Gift cards help ensure you do not gift amiss, offering them a chance to exchange it for Cash if they wish.
So feel free to start making special moments even more special with gifts. Cardtonic has you and your loved ones covered.


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