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5 Special Occasions When You Should Give A Gift Card

Picking out the perfect gift can be tough, right? You want to get something meaningful, but also something the person will actually use and enjoy. That’s where gift cards come in!

While some may think gift cards are impersonal, hear me out. Isn’t the ability to choose your own present kind of awesome? With a gift card, you’re giving your loved one the freedom to treat themselves to whatever they really want.

And let’s be honest, these days, we’re all overwhelmingly busy. That’s why gift cards are such a lifesaver – they solve the dilemma of not having time to trek through stores or scroll endlessly online for the right gift. Just grab one, and you’re set.

The best part? A thoughtful gift card is a gesture that shows you care, while still allowing the recipient to indulge their own personal tastes. In fact, there are some occasions where gift cards are a total no-brainer. Let me share my top 5 times when giving a gift card is a brilliant idea.

5 Special Events Perfect For Giving Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great choice for five special occasions: birthdays, mother’s/father’s day, anniversaries, baby showers, and times when you want to congratulate someone.

1. Birthdays:

Birthday: special occasion to give gift card

Birthdays are great moments to give out gift cards to celebrants. A gift card is an excellent option on a day when they are most likely to receive gifts, many of which they might not need. 

A gift card allows them to explore all their choices to the point where they can splurge or trade it for Cash on a platform like Cardtonic. Imagine giving your girlfriend a Sephora or Nordstrom gift card on her birthday. You will likely need earplugs to handle her excited scream.

2. Mother’s/Father’s Day:

Someone said that as our candles burn brighter, let us not forget that our parents dim with age. We must show love to those who nurtured us by giving them gifts on special days. 

Mother’s or Father’s Day is one of the best times to give your parent a gift card. Amazon, Sephora, or Best Buy gift cards may work best for mothers. For Fathers, AMEX, Best Buy, Steam or Razer Gold may do the trick. 

The secret is allowing them to choose whatever they will remember you by while enabling them to sell the gift card if they do not want anything.

3. Anniversary:

Nothing says memorable like a gift to consolidate an anniversary. Whether it is a relationship, work, wedding or friendship anniversary, a gift card goes a long way to show your loved one that you value the relationship with them. 

Depending on the taste of the individual, you can buy them a gift card that either allows them to shop at their favourite online store or one that can quickly sell on a platform like Cardtonic.

4. Baby Shower:

Especially in Africa, the arrival of a baby is usually preceded by gifts and presents. A gift card makes the occasion even more special because you give the mothers the luxury of picking whatever they desire for their child. 

Usually, a Best Buy, Amazon or AMEX gift card works for this occasion, as these can be used at E-commerce stores for baby shopping.

5. Congratulatory Occasions:

Gift Card Ideas for Every Occasion

Lastly, you can add weight to your congratulatory message by sending a gift card to the person. Especially if they have just been promoted or are moving to a place where they may need your support. 

Scenarios like relocation to another country, a new house, a new car, or a new job can help you show them you are thoughtful and have their interests at heart.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gift-Giving On Special Occasions

1. What Gift Cards Can I Give For Special Occasions?

You can’t go wrong with versatile cards like Visa or Mastercard – they work pretty much everywhere. But for a more personal touch, think about the recipient’s interests. A Sephora card is perfect for beauty lovers, Best Buy cards are great for tech lovers, and foodies will love restaurant gift cards.

2. What If The Person Doesn’t Know How To Use A Gift Card?

Sometimes, people aren’t too sure how gift cards work. No worries – you could include a quick explanation on redeeming them. Or here’s another idea: suggest they check out a site like Cardtonic to easily trade it in for cash if they’d prefer that instead.

3. Can Gift Cards Be Personalized For Specific Events Or Recipients?

Absolutely! Many retailers and online platforms offer the option to personalize gift cards with custom images, messages, or designs, making them even more meaningful for the occasion or recipient. This personal touch can transform a gift card into a truly unique and heartfelt present.

4. Are There Any Etiquette Guidelines To Follow When Giving Gift Cards For Special Events?

When giving gift cards, choose ones from places you know the recipient will vibe with – match it to their interests or the occasion. And always include a sweet handwritten note expressing your good wishes. Little touches like putting it in a greeting card can make it feel extra special too.

5. Where Can I Buy Gift Cards In Nigeria And Ghana? 

You can easily buy gift cards in Nigeria and Ghana from leading retailers and supermarkets. Additionally, online platforms such as Cardtonic offer a diverse range of gift cards that can be bought and delivered digitally, providing a convenient solution. 


Gift cards offer a thoughtful and convenient solution for special occasions. Whether celebrating birthdays, honouring parents, commemorating anniversaries, welcoming new arrivals, or recognizing achievements, a gift card empowers your loved ones to indulge in their personal preferences. 

With platforms like Cardtonic, purchasing and redeeming gift cards has never been easier. Remember, the greatest gift is the ability to choose for oneself. So, embrace the versatility of gift cards and let your loved ones decide how to celebrate life’s precious moments. 


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