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Top 5 Applications To Buy on Google Play Store 

The Google play store officially launched in 2012. It remains one of Google’s finest products to date. Because the platform became so successful and expanded, it was only right to create a digital asset that could make purchases seamless. This is what is popularly known as the Google play gift card. 

This digital asset can be used to purchase all paid apps on the platform. It comes in both physical and E-code forms.  

The platform is continuously evolving, and it can become overwhelming to keep up with over 2 million applications as a regular person. if you are someone who loves to enjoy the value of their money, I suggest you pay attention to what’s coming next. 

Top 5 Paid Applications on Google Play Store

 1. Weather: This is one of the best apps on Google play. We all know how unpredictable the weather can be. It is always good to have an ample idea of what your day and even the next would look like. This app particularly has a clean interface, weather radar, severe weather alerts, and decent widgets. 

2. Bouncer: If you are serious about your privacy, which you should, this app is for you. Bouncer is a security application that allows you to manage permissions on your mobile device. It is very possible to have granted an app on your phone or even multiple apps permission to track your current location. Bouncer helps you automatically revoke this after a set period 

3. Minecraft: The very popular Minecraft game is a must-have on any android device. This is an advanced building game with high video resolution in which you can move and place blocks of different materials in building objects. There are also various modes like creative, hardcore survival, etc. to further deepen your interest in the game 

Two More!

4. Droid Cam: Droidcam serves as a perfect substitute for a webcam. With the premium option, you can get a resolution as high as 720p, higher frame rates, and 0 ads.

5. Kustom Industries: This is more like a bonus round. Here I would be recommending 2 applications from Kustom. The first is KWGT which is a widget maker. This helps you beautify and organize your phone accordingly. And KLWP provides you with a series of aesthetically pleasing wallpaper options. You have much more options on the premium version than on the free. 

While all these are exciting, if you feel like the best option for you is to sell your Google play gift cards for cash, Cardtonic is still your guy. 


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