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Top 7 Gift Card Ideas To Surprise Your Brother On Special Occasions

We all love our brothers, even when we want to strangle them. As the holidays roll around, finding that perfect gift for your brother can seem impossible. Just last month, I struggled to find a gift for my brother’s wedding. I wanted something meaningful but drawing a blank. After endless googling and racking my brain, I settled on a gift card.

Gift cards can make fantastic gifts for brothers since they allow them to get what they really want. I don’t want you to endure the same gifting stress I did! This article will overview the top 7 most common gift card ideas for your brother.

Whether you need ideas for his birthday, wedding, or just because these gift cards never disappoint. With options like PlayStation, Steam, Amazon, and more, you’re sure to find the perfect digital gift to surprise your favourite brother. So read on for the best gift card ideas for your brother in 2024!

Best Gift Card Ideas For Your Brother In 2024

The best gift cards that will put a smile on your brother’s face include PlayStation, Steam, Xbox, GameStop, Amazon, Spotify, and Netflix gift cards.

1. PlayStation Gift Card

PlayStation gift card

As a loving sibling, I highly recommend surprising your gamer brother with a PlayStation Store gift card this year. Nothing beats the huge smile on a brother’s face when he can use free PlayStation credit to buy the latest PS5 games he’s been dying for.

Whether he loves action adventures, outrageous sports games, or quirky indie titles, a PSN card enables him to explore brand-new worlds and gameplay right from his controller.

Plus, he can put the credit toward “PlayStation Plus” if he wants a subscription for online multiplayer and free monthly games. Any amount you gift will go far in the PlayStation Store. So he can stock up on awesome downloads for months to come!

2. Steam Gift Card

How to Buy Games On Steam With a Steam Gift Card_ A Step-by-Step Guide

For the brother who spends hours gaming on his trusty PC, a Steam gift card is sure to light up his face this holiday season! He can browse the enormous Steam game catalogue to pick out anything from discounted classic franchises to just-released co-op adventures to play with friends.

And the Steam platform offers more than just games too. Your bro can apply his new Steam credit toward sought-after downloadable content, new in-game gear, the hottest early access titles, and more digital goodies that every PC gamer craves.

No matter his gaming tastes or preferences, a Steam gift card provides him with credit to explore worlds of imagination right from his desktop.

3. Xbox Gift Card

Xbox card

If your brother is an Xbox loyalist who loves escaping into vivid virtual worlds, an Xbox gift card is the obvious gift choice!

He can apply Xbox credit toward almost anything available on the Xbox platform – newly released digital games across any genre imaginable, coveted downloadable content like character skins and season passes, the latest blockbuster releases, and even cool gaming paraphernalia from the Xbox Gear Shop if he wants to represent his console.

Xbox gift cards range from $10 to $100. So you can gift an amount that fits your budget while still thrilling any Xbox gamer. Any brother obsessed with the Xbox ecosystem will be overjoyed at extra funds to expand his digital collection!

4. Amazon Gift Card

Amazon gift card

You really can’t go wrong with gifting an Amazon gift card to your brother! Whether he loves games, streaming devices, useful gadgets, clothing styles only found online, or digital entertainment, an Amazon card enables him to shop millions of options for his interests.

He’ll also get the familiar Amazon convenience of browsing anytime, anywhere, from his device and enjoying super fast shipping. Amazon gift cards even let him apply credits toward Kindle books, Amazon Music Unlimited, Prime Video content and more entertainment.

With the flexibility to shop for such an enormous online marketplace of products, an Amazon card makes the perfect gift to fit any brother’s taste!

5. Gamestop Gift Card

An image of a GameStop gift card.

For the brother obsessed with video games, a GameStop gift card is a no-brainer! He can browse new and used games across any gaming console at GameStop’s huge online and in-store catalogue. 

A GameStop card is his ticket to finally grab that rare retro title he’s been searching for or pre-order upcoming releases he’s eager to play the day they launch. 

He’ll also enjoy GameStop’s selection of collectibles, accessories, loot boxes, apparel and more gamer merch that’s hard to find elsewhere. With versatile spending options in-store or online, a GameStop gift card lets any gaming fanatic brother fuel his hobby!

6. Netflix Gift Card

Netflix Gift card

Give the gift of endless streaming entertainment with a Netflix gift card this season! It allows your brother to feed his Netflix addiction even more by removing limitations on his account. 

A Netflix card is his pass to watch any and all Netflix original movies, documentaries, stand-ups and addicting series in one sitting without worrying about pricey charges. It also enables him to freely upgrade to premium plans with more screens or HD streaming quality.

For any brother constantly watching Netflix already, this gift card removes barriers so he can lose countless hours exploring Netflix’s ever-expanding digital library! What better way to enable unlimited Netflix therapy?

7. Spotify Gift Card

What is Spotify gift card and how to use it

Music-loving brothers will sing your praises if you give them a Spotify gift card! With a Spotify card, he can upgrade to a premium subscription for ad-free listening across all devices, download unlimited songs/podcasts for offline playback, and gain access to exclusive features like high-quality audio. 

Even if he’s already a Premium user, more Spotify credit lets him avoid monthly membership charges while still accessing over 82 million tracks and 4 billion playlists anytime, anywhere! 

A Spotify gift card also enables him to listen to music uninterrupted. So he can study, work, exercise and go about daily tasks with his personalized soundtrack pumping. For any audiophile brother, this gift kicks listening pleasure into overdrive!

Frequently Asked Questions About Gift Cards For Brothers

1. What Should I Buy For My Brother’s Birthday?

If you are Stuck on what to get your brother for his big day, any of the gift cards in this article make fantastic birthday presents! Gaming cards like PlayStation, Xbox or Steam allow him to pick fun new games to play. While Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon give him credit for expanding his digital entertainment library. 

2. What Is The Best Gift For A Guy?

Experience gifts like restaurant or travel gift cards are always safe bets for guys. But gifting credit for his favourite hobby or interest tends to get the biggest reaction. So cards for gaming platforms, streaming services, sports equipment, tech gadgets or online stores guarantee he can get something tailored just for him.

3. Which Gift Card Can I Give My Brother On His Wedding Day?

Newlywed husbands appreciate practical gifts to start their new life together. Home improvement store cards like Lowe’s or Home Depot allow them to pick up essential appliances, furniture or tools. Amazon and AirBnB cards help the new couple’s honeymoon in style. 

4. What Gift Card Can I Give My Brother-in-law?

If you want to find the perfect gift for your brother-in-law. Keep it simple with an Amazon gift card! Amazon’s enormous online selection guarantees he can use the credit toward electronics, grilling gear, automotive accessories, book and movie downloads, and millions more items he’ll actually want.

5. Where Can I Buy A Gift Card For My Brother?

Gift cards from this list can be easily purchased online or at popular physical retailers such as grocery stores, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, gas stations, and more. If you prefer to buy gift cards online, you can get them from reputable platforms like Cardtonic.


Finding the perfect gift for your brother just got easier! This guide outlined seven can’t-miss gift card ideas that any brother is sure to appreciate on his special day. Whether he loves gaming, streaming, shopping online or more, gift cards like PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, Amazon, Netflix and Spotify all speak to his interests.

Giving your sibling a tailored digital gift provides even more value than a generic physical present. Gift card credit empowers him to explore his hobbies on his own terms.

So the next time your bro’s birthday or wedding sneaks up, sidestep the headache of finding a gift he might not even like. Gift cards are always the right play. Just focus your energy on writing him a thoughtful card message conveying why he’s an amazing brother.


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