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7 Gift Card Ideas Your Sister Will Absolutely Love

Sisters are truly the best. From childhood bunk bed gossip sessions to calling each other up during hard times as adults, my sister has stood by my side through thick and thin. 

But when it comes to finding the perfect gift for this wonderful woman in my life, it always seems next to impossible to surprise her. However, I’ve realised that the right gift card makes an amazing present for any sister.

Finding great gift cards for your sister doesn’t have to be hard, no matter her age or interests. In this article, I’ll go through seven of the best gift card options for sisters that I know she’ll flip over.

7 Unique Gift Card Ideas For Your Sister

For a delightful surprise, consider unique gift cards like Nordstrom, Sephora, Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, Spafinder, and Starbucks. These are thoughtful choices that your sister is sure to appreciate.

1. Nordstrom Gift Card

Nordstrom gift card

If your sister is anything like mine, her love language is shopping! Getting a Nordstrom gift card allows her to browse the amazing selection of clothing, shoes, accessories, and home goods at one of her favourite department stores.

She can use the gift card online or in-store, giving her options to either conveniently shop from her couch or have an exciting retail therapy day trying on cute dresses and testing the best perfumes.

No matter what costs are racking up in her cart, a Nordstrom gift card lets her fill it without worry!

2. Sephora Gift Card

Sephora card

Makeup lover sisters, listen up! A Sephora gift card should be on your wish list stat. There’s nothing better than having some free spending cash at your favourite beauty supply store, especially one with such amazing products.

With a Sephora gift card in hand, your sister can stock up on holy grail skincare essentials, try those trendy lipsticks she’s been eyeing, or even treat herself to professional services like facials.

It’s the perfect present to help her look and feel fabulous!

3. Netflix Gift Card

Netflix Gift card

For the TV and movie buff sister, nothing beats a Netflix gift subscription! This allows her to watch her favourite shows, discover new series to obsess over or have a long movie night filled with classics – all without spending a dime.

A Netflix gift card is truly the perfect present for any sister who loves nothing more than curling up with popcorn and the newest hit show. And with Netflix releasing new originals constantly, she’ll have fresh content for hours of entertainment.

4. Spotify Gift Card

Spotify gift card

If your sister always has her headphones in and music blasting, she would absolutely flip over a Spotify gift card. She can use it to listen to unlimited tunes, download songs, create endless playlists, and more without any ads or interruptions.

A Spotify gift subscription is a cherry on top for an audio-obsessed sister. She can try out the music service’s popular playlists, discover new releases and artists in her favourite genres, or simply keep jamming to the same songs on repeat.

If she’s a music lover, this is definitely the way to go.

5. Amazon Gift Card

Amazon Gift Card

Honestly, does any gift card round-up really need an explanation for why an Amazon gift card makes the list? When in doubt, you simply can’t go wrong with gifting a sister (or anyone!) an Amazon gift card.

She can use it to shop for literally anything under the sun — clothes, kitchenware, tech gadgets, beauty products, books, and way more.

Not to mention, she’ll have it in her account to apply towards future purchases for quick checkout. No wonder Amazon gift cards are so popular!

6. Starbucks Gift Card
Starbuck gift card

For the coffee-obsessed sister, hook her up with some Starbucks credit! This allows her to grab her favourite brewed drinks and bakery treats to fuel all those early mornings and long days on the go.

From seasonal pumpkin spice lattes to classic iced caramel macchiatos, a Starbucks gift card lets your sister sip her beloved coffee and espresso beverages without digging into her wallet. It’s the most useful gift to make sure she gets her daily caffeine fix!

7. Spafinder Gift Card

Spafinder Card

Treat your hardworking sister to ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation with a Spafinder gift card! This allows her to indulge in massages, facials, body treatments and more at luxury resorts and local spas near her.

With a Spafinder gift card, she can take a load off and de-stress with aroma therapy, muscle-melting massages, hydrating facials – whatever her body needs! It’s the most pampering gift to help her relax and practice self-care.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gift Cards For Your Sister

1. What Gift Card Can I Give My Sister On Her Birthday?

Consider her specific hobbies, interests, and favourites when picking a birthday gift card. If she loves shopping for clothes and accessories, a Nordstrom gift card could be perfect for her to pick out something nice. For a makeup or beauty enthusiast, a Sephora gift card is always a good choice so she can try new products. 

2. What Gift Card Can I Give My Sister On Christmas?

Christmas gift cards are an easy win because spoiling sisters with spending money is never a bad move. Around the holidays, gift card suggestions like Amazon, Sephora, Nordstrom, and more allow them to use the credit for seasonal shopping or gifts for family/friends.

3. Where Can I Buy A Gift Card For My Sister?

You can easily buy gift cards at major big box retail stores like Target or Walmart, pharmacy chains like CVS, and directly from brands’ websites. For ultimate convenience, purchase gift cards digitally through secure gift card exchange platforms like Cardtonic. This way, you can instantly deliver it to her, no matter the occasion.

4. What Gift Card Can I Give My sister-in-law?

Since you may not know a sister-in-law quite as well as your own sister, it’s smart to opt for a flexible, universal gift card like an Amazon gift card so she can choose to spend it on whatever suits her personal preferences.

5. What Gift Card Can I Give My Sister For Her Wedding?

On her wedding day, consider giving your sister a gift card to Bed Bath & Beyond, which she can use to pick out home essentials she may need while settling into a new household with her spouse. Alternatively, you can get a travel card like Airbnb for a lovely honeymoon trip.


Surprising your sister with a thoughtfully chosen gift card makes gift-giving so much easier. She’ll have ample options tailored to her interests, whether she loves staying on top of fashion trends, listening to the latest song releases, watching her favourite shows, enjoying coffee breaks throughout the day, or pure relaxation at the spa. The ideas are truly endless! 

Gift cards allow her to pick something out for herself, and it’s the most convenient way to make sure you give her something she’ll actually use and enjoy. 

Any of the personalised gift card ideas mentioned will no doubt put a smile on your sister’s face. Now you just have to pick which one suits her best.


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