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How To Check Apple Gift Card Balance

Checking your Apple Gift Card balance is a simple process that can be done quickly and easily. With an Apple Gift Card, you have access to the latest Apple products and accessories. As well as services such as music, movies, apps, books, and more. Knowing your current balance allows you to plan for future purchases, and also helps you track your Apple gift card balance history.  This will help you take advantage of any available funds and make the most out of your Apple products.

What is an Apple Gift Card?

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An Apple gift card can be used to purchase every item from Apple. Two types of Apple gift cards are available: physical and virtual. A physical card is a plastic card with the amount you want to put on it, much like a bank or credit card. 

Conversely, a virtual card is an ecard number that you can use by typing the code into the Apple “redeem” page, as if it were an online credit card. However, the ability to use it is limited to purchases on the Apple website. 

What is an Apple Gift Card Used For?

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There are tons of ways to redeem an Apple Gift card. You can either use them to purchase digital products on Apple like music or movies. Or buy hardware devices like Iphones or Ipads.  With an Apple gift card, the possibilities are endless.

How To Check Your Apple Gift Card Balance Without Redeeming It

You can check your Apple gift card balance online by going to the website, selecting the “check balance option”, and Inputting your card details.

1. Go to the gift card section on Apple’s website and sign into your account if you haven’t already.

2. Select the “Check Balance” option in the upper-right corner of the page.

3. Enter your Apple gift card number into the corresponding field to check your balance and click on the “Check Balance” button.

4. You will now know how much money is left on your Apple gift.

This is the best way to check your Apple gift card balance without redeeming it.

Where Can I Use an Apple Gift Card?

The only place you can use apple gift card is to make purchase at Apple. You can use an Apple gift card to buy iCloud storage, pay for an Apple Music subscription, or purchase from participating third-party merchants using Apple Pay.

To use your Apple gift card for these services, simply add it to your Apple ID account. Then, when you want to purchase items or pay for Apple services, select “Apple ID Balance” as the payment option and log in with your Apple ID. Your balance will be automatically applied. Select “Apple ID Balance” as the payment option and log in with your Apple ID.  Your balance will be automatically applied.

Where Can You Activate an Apple Gift Card?

An Apple gift card can be activated online. Once you have the gift card in hand, simply follow the instructions on the back of the card to activate it. Alternatively, you can do this in person at any authorized Apple Retail Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP). 


Checking your Gift Card Balance is important. Be it Google Play, Best Buy, Apple, or any other gift card. Luckily for you, it is an easy process. To check your Apple gift card balance,  you can log into the Apple website and enter your gift card number to get an updated balance. 

In addition, customers who have registered their cards will be able to check their balance through the Apple Store app or by using Siri commands. 

Overall, checking your Apple balance regularly will help ensure that you have enough funds to cover the cost of your purchases. And with this guide, you can now easily manage your Apple Gift Card balance with confidence. 


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