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The Xbox Gift Card Possible Error and Solution

Xbox is a video gaming company created by Microsoft, which produces brand consoles, video games, streaming services, and other applications. Xbox has produced 5 major consoles over the years and tons of games. Their gift cards serve as an alternative method of payment that can be used to purchase every item at the brand. 

There is a particular error message which can occur when you try and redeem your Xbox gift card for high rates on Cardtonic or at the brand. Although it rarely happens, it is important to know that the error is not permanent and can 100% be resolved. 

What is The Likely Xbox Error Message and How Can I Fix It?

 1. Not Activated: If the error message that pops up is “Not Activated” it means your gift card is not properly working. If you buy a fridge, you need to on the switch before it can start cooling. The same analogy goes for Gift cards. However, activation would be done from the seller’s end. Take your digital asset back to the store of purchase and request this. 

Now that you know how to resolve this error, you can go ahead and redeem your Xbox gift card in peace. 


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