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How Much Is My $200 Amazon Gift Card Worth In Naira Today?

Amazon is popularly known as “The Everything Store” because it sells various products cutting across multiple sectors of a human’s lifestyle. Since Amazon is a global company, there are various means of purchasing items at the brand.

However, the Amazon gift card is a digital asset specifically created to serve as an easier alternative to making payments at either a physical location or on the official website. 

Just like any other asset, the Amazon gift card can also be resold for a particular amount. Each of their gift cards has its worth which can be converted back to currency.

Before I get into that, it is important to understand how the worth of a card is determined. 

How Is The Rate of A Gift Card Determined?

Every asset has a price, and gift cards are not excluded. Although there are various factors that can affect the rate of a gift card positively or negatively, three major elements stand out. Which are: the type of gift card, the demand for the card, and the resale platform.

Amazon gift card

1. The Type of Gift CardThe specifics of a card, such as the amount and form, determine the rate of the asset. For example, physical gift cards have higher resale rates than E-codes.

2. Demand For The Card: This is another important determining factor. High demand for a gift card means everybody wants it, and if this is the case, the rate for such an asset would also be high. 

3. Platform of Resale: The platform on which you resell your gift card is the most important aspect of determining the asset’s rate. It is very possible to get shortchanged on a platform solely focused on making a profit. You need a platform that offers customer-friendly rates at all times, even when the market is not so hot.

Where Should I Resell My Amazon Gift Card in Nigeria?

When it comes to reselling your Amazon gift card in Nigeria, your search for a reliable platform ends with Cardtonic. This secure exchange service offers customer-friendly rates around the clock, ensuring you get top value for your gift cards.


With Cardtonic’s commitment to transparency and fast payouts, you can trust that your transaction will be smooth and hassle-free.

Whether you have a single card or a stash of unused credits, Cardtonic provides a seamless reselling experience tailored to your needs, making it the go-to choice for Nigerians seeking to unlock the value of their Amazon gift cards.

How Much Is A $200 Amazon Gift Card In Nigerian Naira Today?

The 200 dollar Amazon gift card on Cardtonic has been categorized based on its amount, currency, and also the method of payment. Generally, the USA Amazon cash receipt is always one of the highest when it comes to Amazon gift card rates.

Its current rate is 740/$, which means you would get 148,000 Naira for this asset. At the $100 Amazon gift card rate to naira, you would get 74,000 naira. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Amazon Gift Card Rate

1. How Much Is An Amazon Gift Card $100 To Naira?

The rate for Amazon gift cards can vary depending on several factors. However, on a platform like Cardtonic, you can expect to receive around 74,000 Nigerian naira for a 100 dollar Amazon gift card.

2. How Much Is $300 Amazon Card In Naira?

While rates fluctuate, Cardtonic stands out by offering an outstanding rate of approximately 222,000 Nigerian naira for reselling a $300 Amazon gift card.

3. Is There A $40 Amazon Gift Card?

Yes, Amazon offers gift cards in denominations as low as $40.

4. Where Can I Get The Best Rate For Selling My Amazon Gift Cards In Nigeria?

To get the best rate for selling Amazon gift cards in Nigeria, research and compare offerings from reputable resellers. Platforms like Cardtonic consistently rank among the top choices thanks to Cardtonic’s transparent pricing policies, competitive rates, and dedication to providing a seamless reselling experience that prioritizes customer satisfaction.

5. How Can I Know The Rate of My Amazon Gift Card?

To know the current rate for your Amazon gift card or any other popular gift card brand, you can use Cardtonic’s gift card rate calculator. This handy tool provides real-time rates for a wide range of gift cards, including Amazon, Steam, and more.


Unlocking the value of your unused Amazon gift cards in Nigeria has never been easier. By understanding the factors that determine resale rates and identifying reliable platforms like Cardtonic that offer competitive and transparent pricing, you can maximize your returns.

Stay informed, compare options, and choose reputable resellers dedicated to providing top rates for Amazon gift cards in the Nigerian market.

With the right approach, you can effortlessly convert those digital assets into tangible naira, ensuring your gift cards don’t go to waste.


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